Odds And Ends…1000 Words Or Less.

The clean slate of the new year has already faded.  As I was traveling home from dropping Cheyenne off from school a hundred odds and ends that have skittered to the outside of my life or my consciousness flooded my brain – and then the turkeys crossed Sheyenne Street. 

The good news is, they ran.  They ran across the street the way I run when I see a car coming in my direction…they were sensible – they ran.  It occurred to me that they had garnered a deeper respect for me from our last interaction

The turkeys reminded me that my life is never static.  It is the accumulation of experiences that piggyback upon a hundred other things that have happened to me or others – things I have lived, read, thought, feared or dreamed about.  My blog, on the other hand, captures moments in time or specific viewpoints and typically does not allow insight into all the things that brought me to that moment or belief and often offers little followup. But there are those loyal readers who over time have seen the layering and the connections woven throughout my blog entries.  In this blog – over time – my ethos has become apparent.

But the odds and ends that float through my life and my mind, things that I think I want to share on my blog but never get to – those things gnaw away at me as missed opportunities and the gnawing feeling doesn’t go away.  So, today is about odds and ends in the short (even though I am quite capable of going on and on) – little observations or things that humored me and updates on past experiences (as in the above turkey example of enhanced respect).  I will purposefully contain this blog to 1000 words or less – which is a feat for a verbose gal like me – but let me give it a shot. 😉

  • I visited the Burlington Coat Factory the other day and was looking at the shoe offerings (note – this is the store for the lovers of high heels).  I was in the aisle with a young woman who was trying to balance in five inch stiletto heels which looked absolutely fabulous on.  A woman passing by the aisle looked at the young woman and knowingly said, “Those are great for taking a picture.”  I laughed out loud at the woman’s spot on assessment of the shoes’ value.  As fabulous as they looked, they were not ever going to be walking shoes.  I giggled about that comment all day…simple things amuse me.
  • I live near Elmwood Park in West Fargo.  The West Fargo Park District makes the effort each holiday season to festoon the trees and front park entrance area with lights and decor.  Every year they add a bit more to their holiday decorating effort.  When I first moved here it was lights on a couple of evergreens, but now it’s lights on evergreens on both sides of the street, the tree trunks and snowflakes by the park’s office.  It makes me happy each and every evening I drive by it.   I know it is a small thing and pales in comparison to other Griswold-like light efforts, but it is to me the equivalent of a thoughtful gift from my city.  My mother taught me to be polite and always say thank you when someone gives me a gift – so thank you West Fargo Park District.
  • I would never be a good criminal.  I would be far too paranoid.  I couldn’t steal or do other things that would warrant police interaction.  I don’t even understand how folks can shoplift without having a major breakdown or sweating through their clothes before getting out of the store.  I often wonder if this part of my personality is a function of my half Jewish/half Catholic family.  Both are known for attaining good behavior compliance with a healthy dose of guilt.  Perhaps I have incorporated that into my psyche a bit too much…not that I want to be able to shoplift, but jaywalking on occasion would make me seem more normal.
  • Right before the holiday break, Cheyenne’s 7th grade teacher team at STEM all wore tutus to school for tutu day.  I can’t remember the rationale for it, but Cheyenne and her friends wore tutus as well and they thought it was fabulous.  I saw a photo of the 7th grade team in the tutus – Cheyenne’s friend sent it to her.  I asked Cheyenne to send it to me so that I could post it in my blog – she refused.  Something about not embarrassing her…which I don’t get as I saw it as an effort to honor the great environment that exists at STEM.  So instead I offer my robust applause to the 7th grade teaching team at STEM for the dedication, heart and levity you bring to learning. 
  •  I am over peri-menopause – and I don’t mean over like finished (that would technically be menopause).  I mean over like sick of it.  I know women who have gone through this exciting life phase or who have the pleasure of still being in it understand my angst and could completely identify and commiserate with me, but my daughter Sarah says not to share it as it is definitively TMI (Too Much Information).  That is true.  It is TMI.  Not sure that type of recognition has ever stopped me from discussing things on my blog before though.  Unfortunately, because this is an odds and ends blog that I am limiting to 1,000 words or less, I will not be able to share my thoughts about the experential joy of peri-menopause – at least not today.  But this blog is about life in the new forty and peri-menopause is part of that life…so stay tuned for more on that at a later date.

So there you have it.  Odds and ends in a 1000 words or less…I bet you thought I couldn’t do it. 😉

Day nine hundred and eleven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C