I Herd That! ;-)

I didn’t go to Frisco to see the Bison play in the championship game, but it doesn’t mean I wasn’t there in spirit.  I know so many folks were likewise there in spirit.  But when the Bison emerged victorious and clinched the championship title I can tell you that the cheer that arose from not only those in the stadium, but also from Bison fans from around the world was thundar-ous and I can tell you that we all – near or far – herd that! 😉

Congratulations NDSU Bison Football!!  Enjoy every moment of your victory…you earned it one play at a time and you have made your families, the students, the alumni, the fans, the university, the community and the state – so proud.  😉

Day nine hundred and fifteen of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Jackie Freymiller

    It was a great day to be a Bison!! I was also one who did not make it to Frisco, but was watching the entire game and my cheers made my kids laugh and cover their ears!!

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