In Defense Of Twinkies…

Uh oh.  There is trouble in paradise.  Hostess is seeking bankruptcy protection and the very existence of Twinkies – the yummy snack treat so many of us grew up with – hangs in the balance.  Could it be that the days of golden sponge cake with creamy filling are soon to be relegated to our childhood memories?  What will the demise of Twinkies mean to mankind?

Where will we go for our sugar fix if Twinkies go away?  What will be our spongey pick-me-up?  How will we test whether the Twinkie diet really works or whether the Twinkie defense was nothing but empty calories?  How will we discover the truth regarding the shelf life allegation (which espouses that the last run of Twinkies was completed 20 years ago, but an overproduction of product and a long shelf life has allowed that supply to fill retail shelves all this time leaving the average consumer in the dark)?  How will we make Twinkie casserole?  And what of deep-fried Twinkies…can we go on without those?

Twinkies have been around since the 1930s and some of us have grown attached (perhaps more emotionally attached than taste-bud attached – but attached nonetheless).  And sure Twinkies aren’t the most wholesome food on the planet – indeed they don’t even place in the top ten thousand on the wholesome food list, but in defense of Twinkies I must say that some iconic treats need to remain (regardless of their nutritional value) as an homage to our memories.   

Twinkies are happy food.  They are the treats of lunch boxes and after school snacks.  They are the substinence of late night study sessions and slumber parties.  They are the guilty pleasure that doesn’t seem all that guilty because they are tied to so many memories that were more about other things than all the Twinkies ingested.

I haven’t purchased a box of Twinkies for years…apparently a lot of folks haven’t.  I think I will need to go buy a box if for no other reason than to have them in the cabinet to remind me of the fact that some times simple foods that we think nothing of have a way of becoming a part of our story.  And if I don’t get around to eating them for a decade – well, that’s okay.  I hear they have a long shelf life – just like the memories attached to them. 😉

Day nine hundred and nineteen of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara

    No more Twinkies? What’s next–Zebra cakes? They became my big emotional treat from competing for them (for fun) with my grandson. Now we’re in a hot competition that we call The Chocolate Wars (via Facebook chat). We list how much chocolate and the quality thereof that each of us has on hand. I’m WINNING!!

  2. David Swanson

    When we visit my wife’s mother in Logan, UT we always made a trip to the Hostess distribution center which has a small store front where they sell off all the expired or close to expired goodies at greatly discounted prices. I guess we won’t be hauling a trunk-load of those back to AZ any more.

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