I received an email the other day from Barack.  The subject line read, “FLOTUS” – which caused me to say, “What the hell is that?”  I am, after all, in a field that is fairly acronym savvy so I consider myself to be quite sharp as it applies to de-acronyming things, but FLOTUS??!!  WTF?

Now, before you start an email asking me why Barack is emailing me – a little nobody in North Dakota – or start detailing how you always thought I had to be a tree-hugging, liberal sympathizer, let me assure you that I get emails from all kinds of men and women in politics from both sides of the aisle.  I have opinions and I write letters to folks about those opinions and the next thing you know I have a political penpal for life.  Hurray – more email for me.

But I digress, I was addressing Barack’s email specifically.  Which, while I am thinking of it, I should share that every time I get an email from Barack I get such joy from telling Cheyenne, “Oh geez, the President emailed me again.”  At first she didn’t believe me, but then I started showing her the emails and explaining to her that me and Barack – well, we’re tight.  She is mildly horrified by the whole email thing and not quite sure whether I am teasing her, whether it is genuine or whether I am delusional.  She doesn’t have the slightest clue that once on a politician’s email list you are privvy to all kinds of “personal” communications from them.  Something to take note of the next time you communicate electronically with any of your elected representatives.

But again I digressed, I wanted to share with you the de-acronymed version of FLOTUS.  It stands for (per Barack) – First Lady of the United States.  Apparently, Michelle Obama’s 48th birthday is this upcoming Tuesday and Barack is encouraging his friends (which ostensibly are also her friends) to sign her card.  I like Michelle Obama – I think she is a very classy and dignified first lady.  I do hope she has a nice birthday – she certainly has earned a day of eating cake with all the responsibilities that come with being the FLOTUS. Heaven knows, she deserves extra cake for enduring the acronym alone.

If you want to sign Michelle’s card go here, but note you’ll have to enter your email address to do so.  And you know what that means, before you know it Barack will be emailing you as well.  If he does, do me a favor and be sure to tell your kids. 😉

Day nine hundred and twenty-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara

    When the Obamas appear together on the news, I see the good-natured way they interact and I’m guessing that in private there might be a certain amount of playful name calling. FLOTUS and POTUS sound like the perfect titles to use for that, as in “I’ll wear the yellow tie everyday if I want to, Flo-TUS!”
    As for bugging the kids (and/or Grandkids) about having friends in high places (or other scenarios), go for it! I’m told that such antics are a great sport!

  2. I can imagine the chilly response my Norwegian Artist husband would get from me if he circulated an acronym like MEOSHA (manager extraordinaire of Steve Henderson Art), which sounds like the name of a furry pet but certainly better than FLOTUS, too similar sounding to Otis or, even, by a stretch of the imagination, flatulence.

    With all the committee meetings the man attends, I certainly hope Mr. Obama got this one pre-approved before he Float(us)ed it!

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