Crack For Crafters…

When it comes to being crafty – skilled, I am not.  But I must confess, I so want to be gifted in that way.  I go through phases periodically where I invest in some crafty effort, but then I ultimately abandon those efforts when I remember that, try as I may, I remain woefully unskilled. 

Lately, I have been tortured.  I have become aware of this site called Pinterest, which is essentially a massive collection of great ideas – cooking, decorating, building, crafting or otherwise life enhancing.  There are a gazillion fabulous ideas and projects on there…and no, I am not exagerrating – a gazillion is the exact number.  I could spend every day, all day long, the rest of my life (with a life that would not end until I am 105 years old -or better known as the new ninety-five), doing Pinterest projects and never get through them all.  NEVER. 

The site is madness.  It is like crack for crafters and do-it-yourselfers.  I imagine it won’t be long now until we hear about a 12 step program for addicts of Pinterest.  Even with my minimal exposure to the site I can tell you what the first step in recovery has to be – get off Facebook.  I have noticed over time, folks posting all kinds of Pinterest projects that they like, plan to do or have done.  That influence from people who are your friends is the equivalent of some fairly intense peer pressure.  They are crafty and Pinterest-engaged, so you too want to be crafty and Pinterest-engaged.  Trying to just say “no” takes all I have. 

I now realize why the “just say no” drug campaign was not all that effective.  It is not easy to back away from things that others are doing that they seem to be enjoying so much.  Things that make them happy and that seem harmless.  But are they really harmless? 

I have had to use every ounce of my willpower – EVERY SINGLE OUNCE – to not undertake a Pinterest project (or 20).  I have to actively engage in self-talk – I have tell myself that if I fall down that rabbit hole I may never emerge…and even if I do it will be with an IOU on my soul to Michaels craft store.  This is more than Martha Stewart or Better Home and Gardens (and even those phases were almost too much for me) – this is the drug lord of the craft world, the evil empire of craft addiction.  This has the potential to be the end of me.

Every day is a struggle.  Yesterday was tough.  So far, today is a good day…one day at a time.  I know there are others out there like me.  Others who realize that they are just one project away from a life-consuming addiction.  To those of you out there like me I say – put down the Michaels ad and the glue gun, it doesn’t have to be like this…just say no.

Day nine hundred and twenty-five of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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