God-given Curves…

I do love Fifi, but I think that on some occasions she forgets who she is talking to.  The other day she sent me an email that said in the subject line:

 CAROL Boyish Body? Create INSTANT Curves & SAVE!‏

Upon opening the email I learned that Fifi was peddling a sale on her padded underwear – again.  

Seriously Fifi?  We have been through this before.  I have already explained that this trunk has plenty of junk.  It occurs to me that it would be helpful at this juncture to illustrate that curves – especially bootie-liscious curves – are not something I am shopping for as they were already given to me by God.  So I provide the evidence below that I have this part covered (via a photo taken in November 2011 at a conference in Las Vegas).

And yes, I acknowledge that I was sticking out my bum purposefully in that photo and it may be over-accentuated, but I assure you everyone who knows me – EVERYONE – will tell you that this baby’s got back.  So I am passing once again on the padded underwear Fifi.  There may be many things that I would like to better accentuate on me, but my fanny isn’t one of them…on that front, boyish I ain’t. 😉

What is interesting about my curviness though, is when I was young I did not appreciate it.  Models were pencil thin back then and quite boy-like in their figures and that was what I wanted to be.  Alas, our bodies are what they are and it wasn’t long until I realized that curvy had its own very dedicated audience and was a more realistic body shape for a real person living a real life. So as I got older I came to love my curviness…which brings me to my self love recognition (per my new year resolution) for week three of the new year – I am curvy and I love it.  Thanks Fifi for the reminder that curvy is a good thing. 😉

Day nine hundred and thirty of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara

    This started my day off right–maybe a little envious of those who have junk in their trunk–but laughing my trunk off anyhow. I must have sounded like my kids when years ago they got hold of a Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog!

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