Holding Up Marta Ybarra…

I have said it before and I will say it again – I am a fan of Fierce Girls.  As such I must take the time today to hold up Marta Ybarra as an example of endurance, determination and hope.

Tammy Swift wrote a great piece on Marta for The Forum.  Tammy’s story details Marta’s struggles and explains how she came to be where she is today at the tender age of 29 – a single mom, raising five children ages 11-5.  Marta’s life has been filled with many challenges, but she perservered and has been able to take a series of steps over the past few years that have resulted in a positive change in her and her children’s lives.

As you can see from the Dave Wallis photo (The Forum) of Marta and her children – they are a beautiful illustration of what the power of perserverance can do.  There have been many times in Marta’s life (as Tammy Swift recounts in her article) that were not only daunting and defeating, but that were points where others might have given up.  But not Marta – she hung on and little by little her life got better.

Marta who started in a part-time position at the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store in Fargo now manages the store.  The father of her children ( a drug user who brutally attacked her and is now in jail) is out of her life and she is now in a healthy relationship with a man who is good to her and her five children.  Marta’s life is looking up.

Marta’s life has not been easy and it has not been perfect.  This is not a Cinderella story complete with fairy dust, glass slippers and magical carriages…this is not a transition that occurred from a wistful dream in a fairytale.  Marta’s  current life is a testament to Marta’s will to make her life, and the the lives of her kids, better.  And Marta and her kids are going to be okay come what may because they have everything they need to survive, which is – in a word – Marta.

I applaud you Marta.  You are by definition a fierce girl and you should be proud of the life vision you hold on to – one in which your earnest steps move you forward.  You may not be living a Cinderella life, but I assure you that when your kids grow up and look back at what you’ve accomplished you’ll get the recognition you deserve from the people that matter the most – your children.  And I am here to tell you,  that is way better than any sparkly ball gown and princess tiara. 😉

Day nine hundred and thirty-seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara

    What an inspiration Marta is for all of us to never give up just because things look hopeless! She is a real Gold Medalist. You go, all the Martas out there!

  2. katherine

    My only concern is her meth-addicted husband will be set free. I pray he doesn’t interfere with her or her children.

  3. Victoria

    This is Victoria Martas daughter i am the middle child I am now 11 and my mom a great I have a roof over my head food and I have a scholarship for dance☺

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