Sugar Babies?

OMG!  The liberal-minded adult in me just wants to scream, “EWWWWWWWWWWWW!” I must be getting old or wise or jaded or something.  When I saw the article in The Forum titled – Site to find ‘sugar daddies’ popular with college students – my immediate thought was the candy.

I was such a huge fan of that candy when I was a kid and upon reading the story headline I was excited to see that a resurgence in interest was occurring.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t the kind of candy the article was talking about.

The article was about Sugar Daddies in the human, big checkbook-wielding form.  But the site referenced in the article also has Sugar Mommies listed who are willing to sink money into a Sugar Baby (which isn’t, the sugar babies candy that I have adored for years).

The site – – says it isn’t a site that allows solicitation of prostitution.  It fancies itself as something between a dating site and a place where like-minded folks make contractual agreements.  I realized when I started reading the article on this that at some juncture – in the relatively recent past – I had become an old fogie.  Or perhaps that is too harsh an assessment – at least the “old” part.

Sorry, sugar people…I am not buying that these transactions – even if technically legal – are the way of the future.  There has to be more to relationships than a trade of stuff for “companionship” – even when the parameters are agreed upon at the outset.

Forget about the creepiness factor of young people willing to sell off a piece of themselves to older folks for a monetary benefit (and no I do not view this as the same as May-December relationships where there is an attraction and sex, but not a contract).  My biggest issues with this type of site are: 1) the potential to cannibalize the poor (the attractive, willing to contract the pleasure of their company – poor); and, 2) the potential for the really creepy people in the world (who have plenty of money) to draw naive younger folks into things that could be dangerous.

Of course there have been such arrangements in the world for hundreds of years, but there has never been an attempt to normalize and de-stigmatize them like this type of site does.  This site just feels ishy to me.  And it sullies the name of some really good candy.

Yes…tis’ true…my days as a fogie (a “new to the game” fogie) – have officially arrived.  My relationship with sugar is all about the unhealthy white food product and I think I am better for it.  Give me the old fashioned relationships any day – relationships which may or may not include folks of different ages and may or may not have gifts involved…relationships that were not initiated by a functional arrangement that involves money.   Those are the ones that will get you through the rough patches that money cannot. 😉

Nine hundred and thirty-nine of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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