Where Is The Love?

I was dumped.  Unceremoniously and without much of an apology…which leaves me asking this Valentine’s Day – Where is the love?

There is something about rejection that is so deflating.  It causes one to wonder – what about me was not good enough? What caused the break-up of something that was once so promising?  Of course, we often know long in advance of the break-up what things have gone wrong.  I must confess I knew that our relationship was pretty much doomed back in April.

As soon as I saw the water seepage in the downstairs bathroom and realized the hum I had come to love had suddenly gone silent I knew that things would go downhill.  With the work just completed on the previous claim and a personal property claim that was still open, the opening of a new claim that was basically a repeat of the one six months earlier didn’t sit well.  Oh sure, I get it.  There is a limit on MetLife’s love for me…it is somewhere in the ballpark of $50,000 over the course of a year.  So they dumped me via a very simple letter that made it clear that they would no longer be insuring me when my policy elapses in April because I had filed two claims in a year.

As I said, I cannot say I was entirely surprised.  I recognized that there was some bitterness when they darn near doubled the cost of my policy last year.  I surmise they couldn’t summarily dump me last year with an open claim and no notice.

So my relationship with  MetLife is over – after six years of premiums and two fairly significant sump pump failure claims – I will have to start anew with some other insurer.  It is amazing how just a couple of significant events like that can destroy the love between a property insurer and a homeowner; but these things happen.  And of course I know there are other fish in the sea.  I do have to wonder though how others will view me now – having been dumped like this by MetLife.  I am thinking that other insurance companies may shy away from me thinking that I am high maintenance or perhaps more trouble than I am worth.

I guess I will just have to brave the waters (so to speak) and see what’s out there for me and my recently sump pump challenged house.  Of course, you never do forget your first – but after all the grief I have been through trying to get all the cost of repairs covered I think I am ready to move on.  If you know of any understanding insurance companies with reasonable home coverage (and the availability of a sump pump coverage addition) that can see past my recent difficulties let me know.  I am officially open to matchmaking opportunities by my well-intentioned friends and family members…please do share with me all potentially viable suitors.  😉

Day nine hundred and fifty-three of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. katherine

    Call Mike Meagher at Far North Insurance. He’s a grand Irishman who is helpful and represents independent companies. He’s helped us through many trials.

  2. PrairieWoman

    That was a neat trick on Valentine’s Day. I totally fell for your opening paragraph, complete with the, “OMG, do I need to send Carol some ice cream and chocolate or something…perhaps a fireman?” I need to go buy some auburn hair dye, my blond is showing. 🙂 Have a happy Valentine’s day!

  3. Barbara

    I had the same reaction, Prairiewoman, but I won’t be needing the blonde hair stuff. I’m gray, supposedly old-age wise–and should have been onto Ms. C and her pranks by now. 😉 Good one! 😀

    1. Barbara

      Rewind! Edit! It’s NOT a ‘good one’ to be dumped by your insurance company but if there’s a dumping to deal with it’s better them than Mike. (I think I dumped my brain in that box of chocolates I polished off today.)

  4. Yep, you sucked me in, too! I thought, “Doomed back in April and you didn’t do anything THEN??” My gosh, woman, you are way more patient than I! I would’ve dumped HIS butt… oh, wait. You’re talking about insurance. Ya got me.

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