Brittany Is The New Ryan.

Cheyenne is in love.  Ah yes – young love – there is nothing quite like it.  There is an obliviousness to young love.   It allows one to overlook so much.

The object of Cheyenne’s affection…well, it is the Nissan Maxima.  The dealership gave me a new 2011 Maxima as a loaner while my car was in the shop overnight.  I must say, it is a very nice grown-up car.

Cheyenne loved the fact that it was a four door and that it had a push button start – the marvel of it all!  She actually squealed with delight when I drove her to school in it.  She begged me not to take it back – literally, she begged me.  She said, “PUUHHHHLEESE MOM-ME PUUHHHLEESE!!  I LOVE THIS CAR!”  It was quite the moment.

I liked the Maxima, it was definitely nice, but I was not persuaded by the impassioned begging.  Old jaded love like mine goes right past the bright and shiny to the details…details like – how much does this cost?  I love being without a car payment (which is what maintains a warm spot in my heart for the Tiburon).  Until I have to go back to a car payment or cannot contain my longing for some specific vehicle, I think I will maintain the status quo.

It was a relief that I could hold my own in the Maxima.  I must admit that when the service person – Brittany – told me she was going to loan me the Maxima for the day I was a little afraid.  I didn’t know whether I would be able to maintain my resolve after driving it for a day.  I feared I’d be buying one by week’s end.  Perhaps that was Brittany’s design all along.

You may recall that I don’t easily trust automobile service folks.  It took me years to get used to and trust my service guy Ryan.  I have put service folks in about the same category as used car salesmen in the past – I tend to not trust them at all.  In my mind they are all out to sell me something I don’t need for more than it should cost.

Brittany is the new Ryan.  It seems Ryan went to a different dealership in October.  He has moved on and now I have a service gal.  I find having a service gal interesting.  For some reason – a reason that I believe is a function of deep socialization and gender stereotypes – I trusted Brittany right away.  In fact, having Brittany took away all the sting of no longer having Ryan.  She’s nice, honest, conversational, and knowledgeable – who doesn’t want that in a service rep?  Plus, she gave me a Maxima for a day  – so Cheyenne hasn’t even met her and is already a fan.

So all is well that ends well…with the exception of Cheyenne’s unrequited love.  I told her it was a love affair she could explore later…when she is older and has her own checkbook.  For now, she’ll have to live with the car her mom loves – the one that is paid off. 😉

Nine hundred and sixty-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. PrairieWoman

    I feel Cheyenne’s pain. I loooovvvvvveeeeddddd my Maxima. It was the best car I have ever owned. Ohhh, the memories of me and Maxi cruising the highways and byways of North Dakota….. My daughters loved the Maxima too, and were equally ecstatic when rolling up to school in it. All my best to Cheyenne, and may she find her love one day.

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