It’s A Boy – Thank God!

My daughter Sarah and her longtime partner Dusty are pregnant (well, technically Sarah is pregnant – but you get the point).  We found out last week that she is having a boy.  Sarah and Dusty long ago settled on names – Olivia Helene for a girl and Lennon Daniel for a boy – so Lennon Daniel it is.

When I first learned it would be Lennon instead of Olivia I had a moment of regret that I would not be shopping for all the pink and purple flowery and frilly things that seem to comprise the bulk of baby offerings.  Boy’s clothes are cute and all, but girl’s clothes are flippin’ adorable!

But I quickly realized that while there are dramatically fewer boy offerings I am still finding plenty to buy for baby Lennon.  It was then that it hit me – thank God it’s a boy!  I was going to go out of my way to buy stuff for the baby no matter what…if the choices were not somewhat limited I might need to get a second job to pay for all the stuff I acquire for the baby.

I waited an awfully long time for Sarah and Dusty to graduate from bunny, to dog, to second dog, to baby.  Honestly, I was beginning to wonder if I would ever have a Sarah & Dusty grandbaby that didn’t have fur.   All those years of waiting (not patiently and not quietly – but waiting) – and now, finally I get to buy actual baby clothes, toys, and other equipment.  FINALLY.

Lennon’s 3D Sonogram Image 

Boys’ choices are limited – shirts, shorts, tops, caps, socks and shoes. There are none of those decorative headbands, ruffled tights, dresses, or tutus for boys .  But there are sleepers and bibs and overalls and cute little jackets.  And all those fuzzy blankets and colorful rattles…cuddly bears and sweet little bunnies…fabulous jumpers and bright bouncers…designer diaper stackers and cheerful wall hangings…lux strollers and cushy high chairs…wow, there really is quite a bit for little boys.  Uh yeah, maybe I will need that second job after all…does Babies R’ Us give their part-time employees a discount on store items?   😉

Day nine hundred and seventy-three of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Stan

    Sonograms have changed in 25 years. When they showed me my daughters all I could say was “ok, I think I see her.”

  2. Barbara

    Being a Grandma (or Glamma) is the absolute BEST–especially with babies. All the fun and sweetness without all the sleepless nights. It’s a good thing our bodies quit baby making–we tend to forget the sleepless nights thing and would be off and running again.

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