A good portion of the working world has weekends off.  This is undoubtedly the reason the acronym TGIF! (Thank God It’s Friday!) has become so widely used.  Sometimes after a long week one just has to acknowledge that absent the week ending they would likely not be able to endure another minute of whatever made the week seem so long to begin with.

In academia we have a similar acronym, one that captures many of the same feelings of TGIF! but that is specific to our schedule.  Our acronym is TGISB! (Thank God It’s Spring Break!).  It represents the time in the spring semester when everyone needs a bit of a breather.  Students look to escape the daily grind of classes and assignments, and many head off to enjoy epic adventures that are designed to be the antithesis of their typical responsible student behavior.  Faculty use spring break time to catch up on grading, writing, or sleep; indeed, some even head out for similar epic adventures as the students – hopefully, with a little more self control and a lot less video footage.  Staff tend to get a break from both the students and the faculty – both of which can be black holes of need some days.  They get a quiet, less hectic week on a campus that starts to look a bit deserted for five gloriously quiet days.

So everyone gets something out of spring break and it is not only much appreciated, it is also much needed.   When we return from spring break we are all a bit more rested and ready to make our way through the rest of the semester.  Spring break comes just in time in the semester…just when you know you unequivocally really need it.  I need it… so let me be the first to say it – TGISB!!!!!! 😉

Day nine hundred and seventy-seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C