Saving Daylight…

When I travel I rarely adjust my watch to the new time zone.  I just try and adjust my thinking.  Mostly I travel East and need only adjust by an hour forward – this is accomplished easily enough – +1…I have it mastered.

But darn it if it isn’t daylight savings time this weekend – the time when we spring forward.  Which means that I need to +1 and spring forward if I am out East; hence, I would be at +2.  That seems do-able…no need to go through the profound effort of resetting my watch for such a simple math calculation.

Alas, I am not in the East.  I am in the West which means -2 and +1…which equals -1 right?  Well, -1 if I don’t adjust my watch for North Dakota daylight savings time.  So no adjustment and I am -1, an adjustment and I am -2 .  So if I adjust to North Dakota daylight savings time (and am at -1) am I then acquiring another hour???  More daylight based on my watch…is that how it works?

Oh dear…this is mighty confusing for such a simple mind and while I am trying to figure this out daylight is burning – the old daylight we aren’t concerned with saving, but daylight nonetheless.   And since daylight is allowing me to gaze upon the ocean off the deck of a beach house I am thinking I will start saving my daylight early.

Day nine hundred and seventy-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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