Thoroughly Loving Millie…

Even when I am on vacation I keep up with the news at home.  Of course I have been watching the weather in the Fargo -Moorhead area to see if the weather at home has become more pleasing in my absence (the traditional outcome whenever I leave the state – go figure).  I understand it was quite warm (at least by F-M standards) over the past weekend – yeah, you are welcome.  First, I purchased a new snow blower thereby disrupting the traditional snow pattern and now I go on vacation to the Central Coast of California where the temps are in the 50s and 60s…yes, all so my friends in the F-M area can enjoy even warmer weather.  This I can live with.

This morning while sitting on the deck and taking in the sights and smells of the ocean I read the news from home.  That is how I learned about Millie.  Millie is a little poodle that is currently at the Wahpeton Humane Society after having been surrendered by her owner.

Millie is an inspiration in a pint-sized package.  She has never been able to walk normally due to malformed knees so she learned to move along with her two front legs while picking up her back legs.  This she does happily without complaint.  She is a testament to adaptation.

Millie’s life is taking a turn for the better now though thanks to the folks at the Humane Society and the Dakota Veterinary Hospital.  Veterinarian Tim Matz is donating his time to do the surgery Millie needs.  Millie will also be spayed and get a dental cleaning.  Then Millie will be ready for a new home – a home where her indomitable spirit can be honored and where the love she has to offer can be shared with a forever family.

I thoroughly love Millie and what she represents – the pure joy in being alive, regardless of any struggles you may face.  I think we can all learn an awful lot from this little dog.  Thank you Millie for the reminder of the power of positivity.

If you are looking for a delightful addition to your family and are interested in adopting Millie, please call Nancy O’Hearn at (701) 672-1676.  As you can see from the video included with Tammy Swift’s article on InForum she has so much love to share.

Day nine hundred and eighty of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C