Do You Know The Way To San Jose?

One of Dionne Warwick’s best known hits is the song Do You Know the Way to San Jose? from the movie Valley of the Dolls.  My question today as I sat in San Jose’s Mineta International Airport was,  “Do you know a way out of San Jose?” Delta’s answer today was basically, “No.”

After a mechanical problem with the airplane that was going to fly us from San Jose to Salt Lake City and delays that stretched from an initial 15 minutes to hours, we learned that there was no route through any airport on any airline that would take us back to Fargo tonight as originally scheduled.  We couldn’t even successfully make our way into Minneapolis today (because we would have seriously driven home from there had that been an option – despite how much I love traveling in and out of Fargo – desperate times call for desperate measures).  The universe apparently wanted us to be California-bound yet another day.

So instead of arriving home later this evening, we will wind up our week at the beach house with an evening at the Clarion Hotel in San Jose – courtesy of Delta (at least that is something).  Tomorrow we will try again to get out of San Jose; but tonight we will resign ourselves to our fate.

I am thinking a little fiddling around on the Internet, a carb-filled dinner, a decadent dessert, a movie on HBO and an early bedtime.  I am going to start right now by listening to the song on YouTube that is stuck in my head – Dionne’s San Jose query.  I am formally adopting it as the anthem of the day.

After it is all said and done I guess I am glad that we were waylaid in San Jose – had we been waylaid in Salt Lake City we wouldn’t have had an anthem to accompany all the hoopla of being stranded…now what fun would that have been? 😉

Day nine hundred and eighty-five of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C