Frolicking In The Ocean…

I am not a swimmer.  As such, if I ever disappear after an alleged late night swim – demand an investigation.  A frightening childhood experience with a near-drowning in a swimming pool was enough to provide me with a healthy respect for the water.  I don’t go to the beach to swim, and as a fair-skinned person who freckles more than tans I am not pre-occupied with soaking in the rays on the beach either.  My fascination with the ocean is more about the recognition of it’s power and magnificence.

So while others may bemoan rainy or gloomy beach days, I am not put off at all.  The magic of the ocean is still there for me.  In the ocean I see the planet’s ability to shape and reshape life and landscapes.  In the ocean I see the power that is the beginning and end of life – the forcefulness that will not be dissuaded by man, creatures or landforms.  In the ocean I see the realities of life – not always pleasant or fair – but unfailingly consistent. The beachfront sand near the beach house evidenced the realities of the ocean. The remnants of shells and other sea life scattered across the shoreline serve as a constant reminder that life – from its smallest to its biggest form is fragile.  Yet to understand the diversity of life supported by the ocean is to understand that in the midst of all that power the minutest of life forms find the strength to survive.

The ocean – the sound, the smell, the feel, the sight of it – stays with me in my mind’s eye.  I find it settles me, in that it both grounds me in reality and allows me to dream expansively.  It has an effect on me that makes little sense in practical analysis.

I am not a swimmer, yet my mind and my soul frolics in the ocean…odd, very odd.   I am home from my sojourn to the ocean and I know not when I will return; but, there is no doubt I will return there often in my thoughts.  And the ocean in all of its power and magnificence will always serve to remind me of both how small and how significant I am; of both how fragile and how strong I can be; and, how large and magical a planet I live on.  In the ocean I find my peace.

Day nine hundred and eighty-seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C