Fueling The Fire…

I am not sure, but I think the universe is actively seeking to get me to commit to buying a new car.  This pains me as I love the car I have – a paid off 2004 Hyundai Tiburon with less than 75,000 miles on it.  But lately, the love I have for my Tiburon seems more ho-hum…the sexiness of it seems to be fading.

I know what you are thinking – I am longing from afar for another car.  I know it is wrong.  I swear, I never meant it to happen.  It all started last month when I brought my car in for repairs and they gave me a Maxima for a loaner.  Cheyenne loved that car – she wanted me to keep it.  But I stayed loyal to my Tiburon and my bank account.

The next nudge from the universe came while I was coming home on the plane on Sunday.  I was talking to the passenger next to me about vehicles and how much vehicle technology has advanced in the eight years since I bought my Tiburon.  I commented about the bells and whistles that come standard on most cars these days that were virtually non-existent in the past.  I must confess, I started thinking of my Tiburon as a bit outdated at that point…I imagined what a sexy new model would be like.

Fast forward to today when the Tiburon started making a ghastly noise and was driven directly to the shop.  Gateway couldn’t get to my obviously diseased car today so I was provided another loaner.  This time it is a Hyundai Azera.  It is a big, comfortable family car with four doors.

While I was waiting for one of the shop runners to get my NDSU parking pass from my vehicle my service agent, Faith (and yes, this is the second female service agent I have had in a row at Gateway – and I am definitely loving it), and I were discussing my love for my Hyundai Tiburon and my diappointment that they were not making that model any longer.  Faith suggested I go in the showroom and look at the Elantra, which I did.  Big mistake.  The embers of potential longing for something new and exciting were doused in gasoline.  On my way to pick up Cheyenne I found myself daydreaming about buying a new car and romanticizing the novelty of it all.

After Cheyenne saw that we were once again in a foreign vehicle (and after she queried why I didn’t get the Maxima again), I asked her if she thought we should buy a new car.  I was fairly sure that the Princess of Quite-A-Lot would endorse any mommy expenditure that involved something bright, shiny, and new that she believed would up her social capital.  I think the universe was banking on her as well.

Alas, the universe may be all-powerful, but leave it to a 12 year old to muck up its best-laid strategy.  According to Cheyenne (with overemphasized dramatic flair, eye-rolling, and a look of utter disdain), “Uh, no…we don’t need a new car.  We don’t need to spend money on a car payment – our car is perfectly fine.”

Yes, this is the same child who begged for the Maxima; and yes, what she said to me today is basically what I said to her a month ago about the Maxima.  Talk about a wet blanket…at exacly the right time.  Her words completely extinguished the new car fire before any permanent damage was done to my relationship with my Tiburon.

There is nothing quite like a tweener to snap one back into reality and to foil the evil plans of the universe.   I should be fine now, as long as we don’t get the Maxima as a loaner again. 😉

Day nine hundred and eighty-nine of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Katherine

    Sometimes I feel that way about my 1993 Buick — but I love it and want it to go another 100,000 miles. We are well on the way to 200,000 miles. There’s no shine but the dependability, and a good seat to host the golden retriever, make it comfy. And, this way I can say how decadent it is to have a car from the same century one lives in. 🙂

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