No Nesting Here…

Over the years I have done an awful lot of catalog shopping; hence, I receive a lot of catalogs in the mail.  I think my adoration for catalog shopping goes back to the days when we used to receive the big J.C. Penney and Sears catalog books in the mail.   Those catalogs were magical back in the day.  They had everything from blenders to girdles.

These days, so much of the shopping I do is online; but, because my orders are often generated from a catalog that I have received in the mail I am still considered a prime print catalog target for retailers.  During the holiday season I am sure that my mail lady regularly takes my name in vain as she has to deliver such a large volume of them.  Although I am on dozens of retailers’ catalog mailing lists, I only regularly order from a handful of catalogs (and when I say regularly I mean maybe once a year).

One of my all-time favorite catalogs is the Signals catalog.  The Signals catalog features an eclectic mix of items – items you don’t see every day in other catalogs. The items I tend to lean toward are the ones that are the most unique and that strike me as saying something important (either by virtue of the image or the words).   In looking through my latest Signals catalog today I saw a plaque that resonated with me.  It resonated because I have been griping about the recent repair costs to my car and it reminded me that I needed to accept what is and stop lingering in the negativity of it…it reminded me to move on.

So I am bouncing back toward positivity thanks to the reminder from my Signals catalog; and, I am still perusing it for potential treasures (which makes me happy in-and-of-itself).  Amazingly, the Albert Einstein bobblehead is on clearance…down to $19.98 from his original price of $24.98…wowsa, now that sure is something you don’t see everyday. 😉

Day nine hundred and ninety-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C