Splashes Of Happy Color…

I have been in Emmitsburg, Maryland at the Emergency Management Institute since Sunday evening.  I have been here teaching a class for FEMA with my ever-pleasant colleague David McEntire from the University of North Texas.  The class was only a two day class so I’ll be headed home bright and early tomorrow morning.  That means I will miss the Wednesday breakfast blintzes and karaoke night – bummer.  Those will have to wait until I am here next time in June. 

Fortunately, I got to see and visit with so many of my favorite people here to include the ever delightful Barbara Johnson and the very funny Shannon Cool.  I know FEMA thinks I come here to contribute to the greater good by teaching courses and working on important projects, but the reason I really keep coming here is the people.  I laugh so much in this place.

Yesterday, while walking across the beautiful EMI campus I felt compelled to snap a photo of a blooming tree with my phone’s camera.  The photo isn’t that great overall as I was walking and photo-taking at the same time – thank heaven I wasn’t also attempting to chew gum, it could have been catastrophic.  At any rate, this photo – however poor the quality is – captured something that I could not see when I took the photo.  You can see it there below – a rainbow.

Now you can’t really see the tree I was after and you may tip over trying to put yourself in my same vantage point, but I think I fortuitously captured something even better…something I would have never seen had I not taken the photo.

It seems apropos – a rainbow in Emmitsburg.  That is how my days here are – full of rainbows.  Most of them aren’t the kind captured here – most of them are splashes of happy color across my interactions on this campus.  Beautiful, colorful interactions that paint my world with joy.  I love this place. 😉

Day nine hundred and ninety-five of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Herald Fan

    I have taken a class at the National Fire Academy at Emmitsburg. The campus there, is very beautiful.

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