I Love My Peeps!

When I say,  “I love my peeps!” – it is subject to contextual analysis.  I use the term “peeps” both in the slang context and in the literal context.  In the slang context I mean my people, my tribe, my wild and wacky collection of friends and family…I love my peeps!

In the literal context I mean the squishy, colored, overly sweet marshmallow chicks (and now bunnies as well) that are synonymous with Easter basket basics.  A pack of marshmallow peeps are like a sugar IV…I love my peeps!

Only once a year do my peeps’ paths cross – Easter.  So today when I say, “I love my peeps!” it carries dual meaning and twice the sugary content.

I wish all of you a thoroughly enjoyable Easter Sunday with all the peeps that matter to you! 😉

Day one thousand and seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

3 Responses

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  2. Barbara

    I love all the peeps stories on the news this time of year–imagination and entertainment at its best!

  3. John

    I love the term Peeps too. I have many friends that i call my peeps, and my peeps know that this is my word, my personal word that describes more than just a simple friendship. Being 50 i am very secure in who i am, what i am and calling people my friends just does not say enough. For me “peeps” conveys more. Those that i call “my peeps” are my 3am friends, friends that know that i will take their 3am call no matter what, they know that i am there for them, that i love them like a brother or sister from another mother, and that i will do anything i can to be there in there time of need. It is awesome to be so very close to so many Godly brother and sisters. I am very blessed.

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