Vigilante Lecturer…

I have been forced to travel the interstate to work since the advent of road construction season in West Fargo.  I am not a fan of the ins-and-outs of closed lanes and detours – my theory is that there are more fender benders in these areas.  The risk manager in me seeks to avoid such things – so the interstate it is.

It was on the interstate that I saw the new electronic traffic billboard that carried one of my favorite messages today: DNT TXT & DRV

I find this message to be incredibly timely.  With the nice weather I think folks tend to believe their capability for multi-tasking is increased.  I have been watching other drivers these past couple of weeks and there are very few folks who are solely focusing on the act of driving.  And yes, I own a bit of distratction myself as I was observing the other distracted drivers and becoming cranky in the process.

I’ll be the first to say that I am not a perfect person and certainly not a perfect driver.  But one thing I don’t do, and would never do, is text and drive.  As I have said many times before in my blog, that behavior is incredibly dangerous.  I had hoped that when North Dakota passed the law that prohbited such behavior while operating a motor vehicle that it would slowly become extinct – no such luck.

I still regularly see folks texting and driving.  One the days that I am up by the college I see texting and driving multiple times a day.  I have seen near misses between cars and walkers on the campus by drivers who were texting.  The other day I saw a young lady almost hit someone head on because she was texting and veered into oncoming traffic.  I wanted to follow her to wherever she was going and to give her a lecture about how dangerous her behavior was and the damage she could do to her family and others’ families by texting and driving.  Ultimately I refrained from being a vigilante lecturer, but every single day the urge to lecture someone else arises.  I don’t think these texters realize that I already have four children and a bucketload of students to lecture…I don’t need more folks to lecture.

So I ask you – you who continue to text and drive – to stop this behavior so that I can be relieved of the urge to follow you and lecture you.  I don’t want you to hurt yourself or others for a text message – too many folks have been injured and killed already because of folks who thought they could handle the multi-tasking of texting and driving.

As the sign said – DNT TXT & DRV – and as I add – PLEASE!!!!!!!!

One thousand and seventeen of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara

    I will NEVER understand how ANYONE can believe that need to, or should for any reason, text while driving or even read texts while driving!!! Or are they so addicted to their devices that they just don’t care that it’s dangerous??? Sheesh! They need all the lectures they can get (assuming that they still understand the spoken word).

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