Prayer Circle Needed…

Our family dog Cooper loves the sound of his own bark. For the most part, he is the only one.   Cooper will bark at anything and anyone with his big, deep alpha male bark…incessantly – I should add that…he will bark incessantly until everyone within earshot wants to kill him.

We have had Cooper for almost six years now.   He knows the neighborhood dogs and people now and they all know him.  In the beginning of his time with us (we adopted him from a shelter) he used to be a worse barker than he is now.  He has mellowed considerably; but, he is still relentless when he gets in one of his barking fits.

I have to bring him inside when he starts barking uncontrollably, lest the neighbors shoot him.  Sometimes he is so wound up that he will just keep barking inside.  He can go on for an incredible length of time without losing any force or decibel level.  This caused me to wonder a few years ago whether some day Cooper would bark so much that he would lose his voice.  That happens to me sometimes – sometimes I lose my voice (I sometimes wonder if there is a collective family and student prayer circle that works toward that).  I thought surely the day would come when Cooper opened his mouth to bark and nothing would come out except quiet air.  It makes sense that all that barking surely would result in hoarseness sooner or later.

I am still waiting for the silent bark.  As I type this Cooper is captivated with (translates to – barking his fool head off at) the neighbor dog, Brooks, who is out and about the neighborhood visiting folks.  I am going to have to get up and let him in as Cooper won’t relent.

It doesn’t help that Cooper has incredible hearing.  He can hear things that are blocks away.  I must say, I never fear anyone being able to get into my home covertly, there is no way Cooper would let that happen. He won’t let up on visitors unless I tell him to.  So that relentless bark has some utility…but darn it, so would the silent bark.  Could someone start a prayer circle for that?

Day one thousand and eighteen of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C