Lead Like A Girl.

There are two researchers – Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman – who last month published a blog about their most recent leadership data collection.  The blog post references data to answer the question, “Are women better leaders than men?”

And the answer is – yes.

Of course I am not surprised at this answer.  I believe in the potency of girl power.  If someone says to me, “You are such a girl!” – I say, “Thank you!! Girls rock!!!!”

Yes, I understand that it was perhaps their intent  to disparage me…to say that I was less or weaker than a boy; but seriously,  what a silly thought.  I am a girl and I am fierce in spite of whatever you may believe.  I can do or be whatever I like – thank you very much.

Zenger and Folkman’s study has gotten some push-back.  But you don’t have to buy-in to the conclusion that women trump men in leadership positions.  Instead, how about allowing the study to illuminate the realities of  successful leadership and acknowledge that there is no logic in continuing to allow men to monopolize these positions.  Clearly women have what it takes to lead.

Over the past few years the slogan – fight like a girl – has become the battle cry for breast cancer.  That makes sense to me as women who battle breast cancer are warriors.  In their fight they exhibit inner strength, perseverance, determination, and courage.  They fight like girls – fierce girls who battle to win.

The days of assuming girls are less powerful or less capable than boys are becoming short.  The light of reality and the research shows that girls capabilities are not less than boys.  So go ahead, lead like a girl…girls are great leaders. 😉

Day one thousand and twenty-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C