I Brake For Robins?

I have taken to traveling the back way out of my neighborhood down 10th Street West in West Fargo now that I am taking the interstate to work each day. If you have ever traveled down that road you know that it is one of the worst roads in West Fargo.  It has protruding manholes and dips and is a navigational challenge that one learns to survive over time.  It is not a street you can afford to mindlessly drive down to be sure.  I focus intently so that I can drive around the assorted street maladies.

Today while I was mindfully traveling down 10th Street a robin took an ill-timed flight that was directly in the path of my vehicle.  I had just traversed around one of the protruding manhole covers when I saw the robin and I knew that it was unlikely that he would clear my car – so I braked.  I braked hard enough to quickly cut my speed in half and the robin cleared the space my car entered a split second before my car arrived.

Luckily no one was behind me or I would have been in an accident.  I thought to myself that I should probably get one of those bumper stickers that say – I brake for robins – as a warning mechanism for those who follow me closely.

I am happy that I saw the robin in time to stop – I would have been miserable if I had hit it.  I imagine the robin was likewise happy.  Hopefully, he’ll tell all his robin friends and they will refrain from pooping on my black car as a reciprocal act of goodwill…hopefully. 😉

Day one thousand and twenty-three of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C


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  1. stormchaser

    We stop for birds too. The other day we hit a bunny that darted across the street right in front of us and I still feel sick about it.

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