An Eye For An Eye…

I was happy to learn that the prosecutors involved in Sherry Arnold’s murder case are going to be seeking the death penalty. I believe firmly that the two men accused of kidnapping and murdering Sherry – Lester Van Waters Jr.  and Michael Keith Spell – should be made to give what they have taken.  Of course, the exact cost to Sherry cannot be replicated. The fear she must have felt and the horror of being choked to death is something we cannot replicate in the justice system.  These two men, even once convicted, will have a series of appeals and will have many years to come to peace with the fact that they will be put to death for Sherry’s murder.  Their death will be much more humane than Sherry’s terrifying death.

Thank you prosecution team for giving Sherry’s family and friends this small consolation – the knowledge that at least these men will have to give an eye for an eye.  Nothing can bring Sherry back and the death of these men won’t ease the pain of the loss…sadly, the justice system has no remedy for that.

Day one thousand and twenty-six of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C



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  1. I usually have a tough time with the death penalty as it is carried out, but for some reason, I don’t anticipate any hesitation for these two. This wasn’t a crime of desperation, it was one of pure evil, and our world will be a better place once they leave it.

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