I have dropped the ball on my new year resolution of self-love.  Not that I have stopped loving myself – I have just stopped writing about it in my blog.

In early January I wrote:

My resolution is about recognizing and acknowledging something about myself that I love every week in 2012. 52 things I love about me.

I know that doesn’t sound very resolution like, but it is. You see, we – me, you, all of us – tend to focus on our deficiencies more than our strengths. Resolutions are often born in the notion that the goal is curing our deficiencies to enhance the human being we are. So rarely do we recognize the good things we have to offer – that just wouldn’t be polite or humble. But if I cannot see and champion my strengths then how can I expect others to do so and how can I expect others to trust what I say I see as strengths in them? So I have resolved to practice self love weekly and acknowledge those things – however small or odd – that I love about me.

I have reflected upon why I dropped the ball on this resolution and my conclusion is that there always seems to be something much more pressing to write about.  I have so many thoughts in my head and there are so many things going on it the world – there simply are not enough days to share it all.  So I am forced to pick and choose and my written commitment to self love fell by the wayside.

I won’t be going back to pick it up.  This new year resolution will regretfully suffer the fate that so many new year resoltions do – epic fails.  I will take this opportunity though to acknowledge a final thing that I love about me.

I love that I choose to not be defined by my mistakes or failures.  For me, every single day is another day in the ever-changing story that is my life.  My life script is subject to constant rewrite.  As such, I have been less afraid of things like change, mistakes, or failure.  Not that I love making mistakes or failing at things – I do not like it at all.  The point is I move on and I keep it in perspective to my whole and with an eye on the potentiality of tomorrow.

Let’s face it, if I didn’t have that in me I would still be that quiet shy girl crying in a corner – if I had not been able to envision and re-envision myself in the places I dreamed I’d go I would have been tethered forever by fear and a belief that I could not, or should not, try those things at which I might fail.

I think Stephen Covey got it right in his words below…I think you have to be able to live out of yur imagination to best serve your potential and create the life you want.

If you are down,  remember that where you are today will be history tomorrow.  Every day is another opportunity to take a step in a different direction…every day is a day in which you can start to rewrite your story.  Always keep writing. 😉

Day one thousand and twenty-seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara

    There is a darn good reason you forgot to honor your resolution to write about your self-love: I see a lot of writing about your appreciation of the creativity, the fun, the endearing quirks, etc. of the people and the communities around you. And I read about your compassion–and the spotlighting of wrongs you see around us. That, your Gayle-ness, is what I believe genuine and healthy self love is really about: being so absorbed and present in the Life around us that we literally forget ‘self’. Isn’t it cool how that works?!

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