What I Learned From Mike’s Injury…

I often say, “Be careful what you wish for!”  I say this because things don’t always play out in practice the way we think they will. When Mike first hurt his knee three months ago I was appropriately horrified. Horrified for him as the extent of the injury was unknown; horrified for me because Nurse Nightingale I am not; and, horrified for us as I knew we would be spending a lot more time together while he was in pain and I was failing as his nurse.

As time went on and it became apparent that the workers’ compensation process was not a speedy one and that surgery would be required, I became increasingly concerned.  I wondered how long we (the Carol/Mike relationship) would be able to hold up under what I believed was a bad equation: pressure of the injury + bad nurse +  constant togetherness.   We had not experienced any of those things as a couple before and I have seen relationships go sour for lesser things…so, as I said, I was concerned.

One month turned to two months, and two months turned to three months.  There were some days when I thought Mike would never get to go back to work.  It was a scary and challenging time, but I am here to report that Mike has been cleared for work and starts back this week!

But here is where it gets tricky – now Mike won’t be here all the time like he was when he was injured.  At first I was elated at the prospect that we would be getting back to “normal”, but darn it if somewhere along the line I didn’t grow accustomed to having him around all the time.  Now as we have inched upon his return to work I am reticent to see him go – how silly is that?

Alas, that is the message herein – be careful what you wish for.  I wished he would go back to work, and now that I have my wish I find myself walking around humming the old 5th Dimension song, One Less Bell to Answer.

I know Mike is happy to be able to get back to his normal routine and as we settle back into that I think I’ll adjust again to the old routine.  And even as I channel Marilyn McCoo of the 5th Dimension I know that something significant has come to pass in these three months – we survived.   Indeed, I think we are better for it. I love this guy and as crappy a nurse as I am, he still loves me – go figure.

Who knew one knee injury could be so illuminating?  And yes, illuminating is a term I have pulled out in retrospect – during the past three months there were other words for the whole ordeal (words that if mentioned might change the rating of this post from “PG” to “R”).   As I write this now though, on the other side of the injury and recuperation, I am reminded that things happen in our lives for a reason.  Somehow I don’t think the reason for this was so that I could channel Marilyn McCoo…so thank you universe for this learning experience. 😉

Day one thousand and twenty-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  2. Barbara

    Ditto to what Mike’s Mom said! And thank you for sharing (once again) that an experience can be good or bad or an opportunity to learn–depending on how we choose to see it. 😀

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