Two women – two triumphs – two new favorites.

My daughter Sarah and I visited the Eco Chic Junk Market today.  By the time we arrived – about 10 AM – it was packed.  There were an interesting mix of booths that featured jewelry, clothing, home items, and furniture.  Sarah and I shopped and picked up ideas – it was fabulous.

While at the Junk Market I found a new favorite artist named Kristine Thykeson.  Kristine has struggled with addiction and mental illness in the past.  Her expression of self through these struggles became Bipolart.  Kristine’s art has a haunting style that seems to both acknowledge struggle and affirm life at the same time.  Her work is so uniquely hers that once you have been exposed to it you will be able to pick out her work the same way you would be able to pick out the work of Rembrandt, Klimt or Warhol.  Needless to say (but as usual – saying it anyway), I had to have some of Kristine’s work.  I just love her expression of self…perhaps it is the honesty in the work that makes it so compelling.  I find her work to be riveting.


Kristine has a Facebook page and Eco Chic also regularly features her work.  On a handout about her she shares:

We all have struggles in our lives…
I am no different than anyone else…
My canvas is my “counselor”…
My hands tell the story…
The canvas simply listens with no judgment.

The paper is my emotions…
The glue is what grabs onto my feeling…
The act of placing each piece on the canvas is a symbol of me “letting go” of whatever I am feeling – good or bad…
There is no judgment…
Only acceptance in my art.

What a great story of triumph and endurance Kristine has to share in her work – I cannot help but admire her honesty with herself and the universe.  You heard it here first folks – this young woman is going places, both in the way she has chosen to live her life and in the way she channels her energy into her art.

After our shopping outing Sarah and I went over to the Cracked Pepper for lunch.  Cracked Pepper is a dining establishment in the same development as the Eco Chic.  Sarah suggested eating there as she knows the establishment well.  Sarah is a fan of unique (a.k.a. non-chain restaurants) that serve good food for a reasonable price.

Cracked Pepper is an interesting place.  They don’t have a static menu.  They have a new menu daily that has a selection of items you can choose from.  the menus are posted the evening before at  Cracked Pepper’s website.

I must say the food was excellent.   It is a truly fabulous local eatery that has a delightful personality and is likewise owned and operated by a delightful personality. Cracked Pepper’s owner – Angeline VonBank – has triumphed in her effort to create a local, kitschy dining experience that folks won’t be able to forget.  I will definitely be going back there now that I know about this little hidden treasure.

What a lovely Saturday…two women – two triumphs – two new favorites to add to my list of favorite things.  Who would have thought visiting a junk market would be so fruitful? 😉

Day one thousand and forty-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

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