Mist Opportunity…

As I walked into Sunmart today and approached the produce aisle the misters starting misting.  I stopped in my tracks, but I noticed there was a woman in close proximity to the misters who didn’t even flinch when the misters went off.  She just stood there in what appeared to be a daze.

So I watched and waited for her to realize that she was being misted.  She didn’t move.  She just stood there.  The misters misted and she just stood there.

Then it came to me…she wanted to be misted.

Oddly, that made sense to me. It was 3:00 PM and inching toward 90 degrees when I entered the store.  The produce aisle is the first aisle you hit as you walk in the door.  She must have been hot – she wanted to be misted.

I must admit it did look refreshing.  I wondered if this is something that happens often in the hot months – folks lingering by the misters.  As I walked away from the opportunistic mistee,  I mused that those misters might additionally come in handy for women who experience a hot flash in the store ( I also made a mental note – just in case).

The next time you are at the grocery store and the misters go off, look around.  Are folks gravitating toward them? Are you curious about how refreshing the mist is that keeps all the leafy green vegetables cool and crisp?  I am really curious now.  The next time I am in the produce aisle when they go off I do believe I will linger near the spinach…I won’t miss another mist opportunity. 😉

Day one thousand and forty-six of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Glenn Muske

    Since we met I have been following your blog most days. Enjoy them. And I don’t plan to mist another opportunity to

  2. Barbara

    Definitely go for it! It’s probably more dignified to get misted in the produce aisle than to deliberately walk through a stranger’s lawn sprinkler with small children on a hot July walk–not that I will name anyone who actually did that. 😀

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