Good Golly Miss Molly – You Were Right!

I typically tell students at the beginning of each semester about my blog.  I feel I am obliged to inform them that parts of my life end up on my blog and that for the next semester they will be part of my life – hence, their class (a.k.a. my class) could be discussed in my blog.  I tell them at the outset that if they are uncomfortable with that or are in a witness protection program, they should let me know privately so I can shield them from exposure.

No one ever cares enough to object or ask for identity protection.  In fact, I imagine most of them never even find their way to my blog.  There are likely so many more exciting things to do with their time.  Yet, every once in awhile students will tell me they have spent time reading an assortment of my blog entries and I will spontaneously say a little prayer that they aren’t now scarred for life.

Sometimes I directly mention current or former students in one capacity or another in my blog.  I do grow quite attached to the myriad of personalities that go through the program. Fortunately, long after they are done with my classes I still have an opportunity to keep in touch with them – be it through social events put on by our student organization (while they are still on campus), community activities, or Facebook.

Case-in-point, my former student Molly.  Molly’s last semester with me just ended.  Molly is an assertive, charming, free-thinking young woman who always puts forth positive energy.   Molly posted the below cartoon on my Facebook page the other day with the following comment:

Carol, this seems like something you would post on your blog 🙂

Miss Molly, you are absolutely correct.  This is very Carol-esque.  Thank you for seeing that and thinking of me.  I do believe in the importance of maintaining a positive self-image and feeling good about oneself and I love the message of the cartoon.   And more importantly, I am happy that you understand that about me and my blog.

Now stop reading my blog and looking at the pictures before you run across the wrong entry and scar your psyche. 😉

Day one thousand and fifty of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Cindy Jarmin

    Dear Ms. C.,
    Your post on the pic is spot on! You are a ‘the glass is full’ kind of girl…I like that!
    Cindy 😉

  2. Molly

    I am glad this proved to be worthy of posting! I might print this picture and place it by my mirror, because it’s a great pick-me-up to start the day with. : )

    P.S. Let’s remain in touch!

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