Invest A Half Hour…

It is that time again – time for summer storms.  Time to update supplies in emergency kits, time to make sure that our family home and cell phones are registered on CodeRED, and time to refresh our memories on the ways we can stay safe when faced with lightning and tornadoes.

I strongly encourage all area residents to review the local, award-winning Are You Prepared? publication.  It is available in 13 languages and is concise and easy to use.

Do not assume that because you have lived in this area for years that you will be fine.  Also don’t assume that you will always be with your kids when something happens.  Spend a half hour discussing what to do to stay safe whether at home, outside or somewhere out in the community.  Isn’t your safety and the safety of your family worth a half hour?  I dare say it is.

Be smart and stay safe this summer.  Summer storms are dangerous and every year they claim lives.  Know what to do and be ready to do it…invest that half hour.

Day one thousand and fifty-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C