Like A Virgin…sort Of.

Madonna’s song, Like a Virgin, includes a chorus line that says:

Like a virgin – touched for the very first time.

I have had this song in mind since Tuesday when I first went to see the chiropractor for that lingering arm issue I have been struggling with for months.  The chiropractor, Dr. Brandan Anderson, asked me when my last visit to a chiropractor was and then I had to tell Dr. Brandan that he was my first.

I am like a virgin – touched for the very first time – by a chiropractor.  Most folks are shocked to hear that I arrived in the new forty having never had a proper “adjustment.”  I just never really had a need…well, not until I got the gimpy arm.  Now I am all about getting the chiropractor to lay his magic hands on me and make me understand why it was so worth it to give up my chiropractic virginity.

I am glad that my first time was with Dr. Brandan.  He was very gentle, patient and thoughtful.  He is very personable and funny; he puts you at ease with his demeanor.  That is good, as who wants to be uptight and stiff their first time? Your first time should be memorable.

Dr. Brandan practices a method called the Gonstead Method.  This method emphasizes being “as specific as possible with the examination and adjustment of the patient.”  The Gonstead mantra is “Do the least to achieve the most.”

The T1 and T5 are what are troubling me.  That is what Dr. Brandan is working t o remedy.  He doesn’t just give you a whole body crack-fest for the heck of it.  Although I must admit that I asked him if he offers attitude adjustments.  I guess I wasn’t the first to ask him that – he has heard it plenty of times before.  We joked that he would make a mint if he could actually advertise and deliver on attitude adjustment.  What a booming business that would be. 😉

I have been to see Dr. Brandan twice now.  In my visits with him we chat and laugh and he adjusts my spine where it needs adjusting.  It is crack, snapple, pop and I am on my way.  When I leave his office I am in a great mood.  Hmmmm…perhaps he does do attittude adjustments after all. 😉

Day one thousand and fifty-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C