Movement That Is Moving…

I confess…I am a die-hard So You Think You Can Dance? (SYTYCD) fan.  I cannot dance, but I have always wished I could.  I have adapted to my inadequacies by being able to appreciate the commitment and artistry in others’ dance.  As such I watch dance SYTYCD religiously.  I like the judges, I admire the choreographers, I adore the host (Cat Deely), and I gush over the dancers.  I had to DVR the first episode of SYTYCD as Mike doesn’t like watching dance.  I know, startling to imagine.  I watched it finally last evening while Mike was doing something else and I want to share with you two performances that were so moving that I watched them both multiple times (and that is the beauty of a DVR my friends – I can watch whatever I want as much as I want).

The first was the littlest ballerina, a two year old that wanted her turn after her 29 year old mother auditioned and was sent straight through to Vegas.  It was ADORABLE.  Watch the clip here and be prepared to have your heart melt.

The second performance is by Hampton Williams who says he exorcises folks’ demons through his dance.  It sounded like a bunch of hooey at the outset, but watch him dance and you will understand what he means.  Hampton Williams will move you and you will know by the time he is done that a catharsis has occurred.  Watch Hampton’s performance and you will see what I mean.

And after watching both of these performances – the littlest ballerina and Hampton – note that the piece of music they danced to was the same.  Dance is art and when done well it can move us…watch these two and you will be moved by so much more than their movement.

Day one thousand and fifty-six of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C