The Hummingbird’s Dance…

Today, while working on a riveting Powerpoint presentation on the current state of emergency management accreditation (and understandably seeking any and all distractions), I saw out my dining room window the tiniest hummingbird I have ever seen.  It was so small that I initially thought it was a small dragonfly.

I watched the tiny hummingbird dance in and out of my salvia – as if it was performing to a symphony all its own.  It was truly mesmerizing.

Mike and Cheyenne came home after  the hummingbird had flown off to a destination unknown.  They couldn’t really appreciate the level of my enthusiasm as I explained my thrilling sighting of the tiniest hummingbird.  They looked at me like I had perhaps been doing a bit too much Powerpoint and was now losing my grip on real life.  I recognized in that moment that some things simply must be seen to be fully experienced.

As I sat there a bit deflated because I couldn’t verbally convey the magic of the tiniest hummingbird’s dance, the hummingbird returned to once again dance amongst the salvia.  Then it was Mike and Cheyenne’s turn to be mesmerized…and they were.

What a great gift that was – thank you universe.  Now it is back to Powerpoint and my rumination on the current state of emergency management accreditation; but, my mind still is quietly humming the tune of the symphony that the hummingbird danced to and my heart is much happier. 😉

Day one thousand and sixty-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara

    So good that Mike and Cheyenne got to share the hummingbird magic. Joy shared is joy multiplied.

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