On Friday, the birth of my grandson, Lennon Daniel, was “penciled-in” for June 15, 2012.  I say “penciled-in” because Lennon Daniel did not do the penciling and he seems to be the one who has been pushing the envelope all along to get out of his womb early.  Shocking.  A member of my clan that wants to do whatever they want on their own schedule…who would have thunk?

My daughter Sarah is scheduled to have a C-section in her 37th week because she has a condition called placenta previa which makes a vaginal birth at full term dangerous for mother and baby.  She is at 35 weeks now and even though she knew the end of her pregnancy was near, I don’t think she was fully ready to hear that it was that near. Silly Sarah, she thought that this boy – Lennon Daniel – the product of a Sarah and Dusty collaboration, would just plod along with the plan without question or input.  What was she thinking?

I reached my point of relative relief about three weeks ago when Sarah hit 32 weeks.  She was hospitalized for a few days at 27 weeks for bleeding and ever since then my daily prayer has been for Lennon Daniel to stay put at least long enough for him to have good odds of surviving outside the womb. Since then there have been more scares and Sarah was put on bed rest.  A survey of my face will reveal a number of new worry lines associated with Sarah’s pregnancy.

I was fortunate to not have any of these problems with my pregnancies – I was a fairly durable baby factory, despite the fact that I was dramatically less-informed and conscientious than Sarah has been as a pregnant woman.   Sarah has done everything right – she has read all the books, knows what to eat and what not to eat, knows every potential risk, and has created an ideal gestational experience for Lennon Daniel.  It pains me that she has had to worry and struggle with this pregnancy.  It also reminds me that even in this day and age pregnancy can be anything but routine.

But we are movin’on – and Lennon Daniel is movin’ out…hopefully, on June 15th.  If he can see clear to wait for his scheduled arrival his birthday will be one day before his mother’s and two days before his father’s (Lennon-15, Sarah-16, Dusty-17).  I think there is some cosmic meaning to that in the universe, but I can’t tell you I really care about that.  I just want Lennon Daniel to arrive and for him and his mom to get through his birth without a hitch.  His birth date may be penciled-in, but long ago he started a narrative with permanent marker on the hearts of this family and we cannot wait to meet him.  One thing is for sure, he’ll fit right in. 😉

Day one thousand and sixty-three of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara

    I always wish with all my heart that first timers will have a worry free, comfortable pregnancy–the strangeness of it all is enough to deal with. Best wishes for Sarah, Dusty and Lennon. And, of course, Glamma!

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