Trouble #1 & Trouble #2

Some of the buildings on the EMI campus have card access.  There is an official looking panel on the wall when you enter in the lobby of these controlled-access buildings where a light turns green when you swipe your card.  When returning to the building that my room is in this afternoon the green light was not on; instead, the light was orange and it was labeled TROUBLE.   GULP…UH OH.

Apparently the card reader system has formed an opinion of me.   This cannot be good.  All these years coming here – all the years I remained under the radar – and now I am designated as TROUBLE.  I am forced to reflect upon what could have changed my status and I think I have it figured out – Scot Phelps.

Until I posted that photo of me with my friend Scot Phelps on Facebook and our friend Lisa Perry dubbed us Trouble #1 & Trouble #2, I was an upstanding citizen (well, mostly an upstanding citizen).  Now apparently my Facebook page has distributed my information to any one or thing that will listen and the word has spread to the security system at EMI.

I am pretty sure it was being seen with the pants (lime green with fuschia horse heads) that pushed it over the edge.

I don’t imagine the fact that my friend Val Lucus McEwen and I posed once again with Scot and his crazy pants today advanced my cause.   I guess all that is left to do now is to clean up my act.   No more crazy conference photos on Facebook – especially with Phelps.  Oh yeah, but tonight is karaoke night at the pub on campus…ah, shucks, I’ll have to try and reform my behavior starting tomorrow.  It just wouldn’t be karaoke night without photos for Facebook.  I understand that it may mean that the system bars me from entering the building, but it will be sooooo worth it.  😉

Day one thousand and sixty-six of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara

    Well,well–this comes as no BIG surprise to some of us who have seen Mischief writ all over you. It is, however, a surprise that you were actually vetted, profiled, labelled and orange-lighted! So now we ourselves have a bright new goal to aim for!!

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