Get Behind Me In Line…

On Saturday, The Forum published an Associated Press article about a woman from Max, North Dakota.

The story was so short that I will include it in its entirety here.

“COLEHARBOR, N.D. – A 29-year-old Max woman was cited for careless driving and no child restraint after she was caught driving while breastfeeding.

Authorities received a 911 call Thursday afternoon about a possible drunken driver on Highway 83 near Coleharbor.

A McLean County deputy located the driver and stopped her after seeing the vehicle nearly broadside a semi.

According to his report, the driver was breastfeeding her infant and talking on her cellphone while driving. The vehicle she was driving did not have plates.”

Now, you folks know me.  You know what my reaction to this article was.  It wasn’t pretty.  It wasn’t forgiving. It wasn’t civil. It wasn’t quiet.

Here is the summary (edited for length and expletives):

1) Take that baby away from her; and,

2) Put me on the top of the list to slap her silly.

Who does that?  Who rides with a baby unrestrained and then increases the odds of an accident by driving distracted? Thank goodness the deputy stopped her.  Thank goodness that baby is still alive and well.  This woman’s level of irresponsibility is unfathomable to me.  I surmise many of you feel likewise and are equally interested in slapping her silly and asking the critical question, “WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING??!!”

Well, so you know – you’ll have to get in line behind me.  I can be polite and allow folks to budge in line when it is at the grocery store, but some things I really need to maintain my position on.  This is one of those things.  I want to be the first one in line.

Day one thousand and seventy-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C


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  1. i prolly should not say this, but, I was never in a car seat, I still remember standing beside my dad while he was driving. Yes I was standing. Was it the thing to do, prolly not, but when you grow up in your surroundings, it was a normal thing, I never had a car seat, and I still survived. I can tell you, my sister, had her kids in car seats before I even had a clue what car seats were, her kids always had seat belts on, it took one time, and when my Dad called me to tell me my nephew did not survive, he had been killed in an auto accident, I kept wondering how could that happen, Dad said he was thrown from his car, now really I want to say how did that happen, he was my best bud, spent every summer with me from age 6 to 14, then gurls were more important. He was buried either on his 18th birthday or the day after. It had to be the one and only time he never wore his seat belt. He was driving, his passengers only got minor brueses…………..I still will not wear a seat belt, agree or disagree, that is your call, I just wont. Only time I will wear a seat belt, is when I drive my parents car, their rules now are if you are in their vehicle, YOU WILL WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT…………even if they are not with, I still have the respect for them to wear a seat belt. I am currently being sued by a passenger that was in my pickup, when the roads were washed out all over and I hit a wash out. neither of us were wearing seat belts. She ended up in the hospital for 3 days, and she would have not had she had her seat belt on. I never had mine on, I just tell everyone, I am to stupid to feel pain. i merely had the button on top of my cap, scratch my head, and it took me 2 days to figure out that I had that, my steering wheel may have been bent around. And yes I feel bad about it, but for me, working on the farm, I am the irragator guy, put on over 100 miles a day, just checking on gators………i text while I drive, but I go for miles without seeing a single vehicle. My speed in my vehicle rarely reaches 40 mph, but when I get a call on the 2 way radio, and this was a joke before, “kevin can you come here” at that times, my speed reaches, a much higher speed, and I dont text then, i only think about okay what is it that they told me, and what can it be…………..but I can tell you texting dont take nothing, compared to what thinking about diagnosing, from what they told me. I can text, I can text well, scoot asked me how I can text him, so fast one day, I looked him in the eye, and never looked at my phone, and text him a message………..i looked him square in the eye the whole time, he say how in the fuck did you do that? I can text without ever looking at my phone. I have a hearing problem, so, when you have one disability, you make up for it in other ways. i send about half of my text messages without ever looking at my phone, I take both hands to open it, then I text. I can text atleast 50 people without ever looking at my phone. Boss man always askes me to text everyone, I told him I have all co workers, aa plus thier name, he say is that how you can text to fast, when he say text everyone, I start my phone, and as he is telling me what he wants everyone to know, when he gets done telling me, I already have it sent. i at times get responses before he is finished telling me what he wants me to tell them.
    I will never wear a seat belt, right or wrong, I am closterphobic, I just wont. I feel to confined. it may cost me my life, but I will not wear a seat belt, but, if you go to ag country, I bet you will find less then 1 percent of the people to wear their seat belts. I know of no one on the farm that wears their seat belt, in fact, I am the one that told someone, when he never wanted to put the seat belt back in, you prolly should cause its the safe thing to do, people really should wear them, he never.

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