Bunnies And Hollyhocks…can A Girl Have Both?

My first spring in Kindred I planted Hollyhock seeds in a modest garden plot along the garage.  Every year thereafter the hollyhocks came up more prolifically than the year before.  They were glorious.  When I moved from Kindred, I tried to dig up some of my hollyhocks and take them with me, but they did not survive in West Fargo.  Since then, I have tried a few times to recreate the hollyhock success I had in Kindred; alas, I have failed miserably.

With the new garden extravaganza, I decided to try again.  I started with two hollyhocks from Baker’s and a dozen bareroots from Home Depot.  For backup I purchased a couple packet of seeds ( I am all about hedging my bets).  The bareroots were just planted a week ago, and I have yet to plant the seeds; however, the Baker’s hollyhocks have been in the ground for about a month and were doing just fine.

“Were” is the operative word.  Over the last week I have been saddened to see both of my existing hollyhocks completely stripped of leaves.  First the smaller plant with less leaves was left leaf-less.  I told Mike at that time that I thought the babby bunnies might be eating the hollyhock leaves and vowed to stop the next day to get some sort of cages to protect the hollyhocks.  We have been enjoying the baby bunnies hopping about the yard – I guess it never occured to me that they would start eating stuff.

This morning as I meandered out to take a look at the garden I saw from afar my hollyhock that was fairly lush yesterday had been reduced to one flower in the middle of bare stalks.  I screeched and in the shrillest of voices proclaimed for all within a three block radius to hear, “BAD BUNNIES!” I stomped right over to the decimated hollyhock and as I did so I could hear the baby bunnies scurrying to get out of the yard as quickly as possible. I am sure the neighbors looked upon this incident as merely another point of confirmation of my lunacy.  Reprimanding the bunnies at the top of one’s lungs – apparently not everyone does that.

The bunny/hollyhock incident caused a quandry.  I wondered, could I have bunnies and hollyhocks?  Was it even a possibility?  I enjoy them both, but clearly the bunnies enjoy the hollyhocks a bit more than the hollyhocks enjoy them.

I devised a plan and then set out to gather supplies for my plan.  In the process I picked up eight small starter hollyhocks at Menards, fencing, and rabbit food.  Mike built me ten rabbit-proof fence cages (theoretically rabbit proof – we’ll have to see how wascally they are).  Then Mike secured a cage around each hollyhock.  Not content to settle with prevention alone, I also set out rabbit food as a diversion.

Now I’ll wait and watch.  Only time will tell if a girl can have both bunnies and hollyhocks. 😉

Day one thousand and seventy-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Wanna B Sure

    Years ago, before running water, hollyhocks were usually planted around and in front of outdoor toilets. Acting as a modest, buffering effect when one came and went for the necesseties. A much softer entrance, and exit through the flowers, than the suddeness of a white wooden door. When visiting, or having visitors, if someone asked where the “facilities” were, they were told to go to the hollyhocks. Every time I see hollyhocks, I expect to see a toilet behind them. Never stopped to smell the flowers.

    1. Barbara

      @Wanna–what a lot of memories this brought up for me! One finessed where one could–back in the day. I remember sitting in the outhouse for an hour after meals, hoping that the dishes would be done by someone else in that time. It never worked! 😀

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