SF 3516

The first time I saw a North Dakota license plate with SF on it, my buddy Bruce told me that SF stood for Special Friend.  It really means State Fleet, but whenever I see a vehicle with a SF  plate I still think, “Oh look a Special Friend vehicle!”

Today on my drive from West Fargo to Wahpeton I saw a navy Malibu with a Special Friend plate – SF 3516.  In fact, I followed SF 3516 almost the entire trip.  I followed because SF 3516 was going far too fast for me to pass (even if I would have exceeded the speed limit by putting the pedal to the medal in my V6 car).

Now, I am no angel as it relates to religious adherence to speed limits, but I cannot imagine who would think it prudent to speed in a SF vehicle.  SF vehicles are driven by government employees.  Shouldn’t government employees model good citizen behavior?  Yeah, I know that is a bit idealistic especially based on the bad behavior of governmental folks in the past.   But seriously,  shouldn’t we be able to at least expect them to follow the traffic laws in a state-owned vehicle?  Isn’t that a commandment when driving state-owned vehicles – thou shall not speed?

Maybe it is just me, but I wouldn’t choose to break any laws – even traffic laws – while driving a vehicle owned by my boss.  It seems to me that one could get more than a ticket…one good get in trouble at work and maybe even fired. That just doesn’t seem worth it for the extra 10-15 miles an hour.

Slow down SF 3516 – role model proper compliance with traffic laws and save yourself and the state from having to explain why you are allowed to drive a SF vehicle that way.  Save your law breaking for the days you aren’t conspicuously identified as a state employee – it makes good sense. 😉

Day one thousand and seventy-three of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. stormamy

    Now Ms. Carol, we state government folk are as human as everyone else. We speed, we cuss, we print party flyers on state paper. Should we? No, but neither should anyone else. We get enough scrutiny and are over-worked, under-paid, and griped at regularly and have to answer with a smile when all we really want to do is tell the person to go fly a kite. Perhaps SF was on his/her way to save the local community from an impending dam failure or ruptured oil well. I have learned to be more cautious when in a state vehicle, but we are all ordinary people. Save model citizenry for comic books and ’50s sitcoms.

  2. Olenorthpole

    A ND Highway Patrolman friend of mine once said about SF Speeders: It stands for Speeding Fool.

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