Vive La Différence!

It’s that time of year again – time to admit that I watch America’s Got Talent faithfully all summer long.  When I am traveling or unable to watch it live I DVR it.  I don’t want to miss a single zany, heart-touching moment.

I have been catching up on my America’s Got Talent episodes after being in Maryland last week.  Now that I am caught up on the episodes I can join in the chorus of amazement at the talent of the quiet 19 year old makeup artist that sports a gothic look – Andrew De Leon.

Andrew’s story is this – he never sang in front of anyone (including his parents) before he auditioned for America’s Got Talent.  Honestly, I expected a train wreck when they started showing the clip about him.  I started to  prepare myself to be irritated that the show might make this quiet kid (who already seems to have lived a fairly isolated life as a self-identified outsider) feel like he wasn’t good enough.  When Andrew arrived on stage it was clear he was nervous.  I was nervous too – for Andrew.

After a brief discussion with Howard Stern, Andrew began to sing.  Almost immediately jaws dropped.  You see, Andrew sings opera. He is, in a word – amazing.

If you have ever been told you are not good enough and made to feel like you don’t belong – well, I have a hero for you.  Meet Andrew De Leon and recognize that freedom of expression in the way we look or think is what creates a dynamic society.   Watch Andrew’s audition – I promise you, it will move you.

This is why I watch America’s Got Talent faithfully.  The show is an avenue for folks like Andrew to rise beyond the cookie cutter expectations society may place on them; and, a reminder to the rest of us to applaud and embrace difference for the wonderful gifts it offers.

Vive la différence Andrew! 😉

Day one thousand and seventy-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara

    I hadn’t seen any of this before–WOW! WOW! Andrew not only is an amazing talent–he seems like such a gentle soul. I really should have been cautioned to have a lot of kleenex handy.

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