Say It Ain’t So Denny!

I have a big question for Denny Walaker, Mayor of Fargo, today.  The question: Is what Bruce Brovold is saying today in his letter to the editor in The Forum true?  Is the City of Fargo turning its head while innocent creatures die?  Is the City of Fargo actually complicit in their deaths?

Okay, that is actually three questions – but they all really beg for the same answer – say it ain’t so Denny!

City mistreats underpass birds
Bruce Brovold, Fargo

I am a nature lover; I love the birds, squirrels and all of God’s amazing wildlife. As I walked to church a couple of Sundays ago, I walked through the north Tenth Street underpass. I was shocked and saddened by what I saw.

The city had placed netted metal wires on top of the underpass to stop pigeons from roosting up there. However, there are holes in that netting, and the pigeons are getting above the nets and then get stuck in the nets – a slow, agonizing death for these birds. It just made me sick to see all the dead and dying pigeons hanging from the top of that underpass.

My plea to the city of Fargo is to repair that netting and remove all the dead and decaying pigeons immediately. Place smaller netting up there, so the pigeons cannot fall through the gaps and get stuck, then die an awful death. This is not only tragic to our birds; it is also a health hazard.

It is heartbreaking for all the people who walk through that underpass to see these dying and dead birds hanging from the roof on that underpass. We need to try to preserve our wildlife, not destroy it.

I, like Bruce, am a lover of creatures, and while I can appreciate the city’s need to protect infrastructure from damage and to address any public safety hazard these creatures may create – I cannot appreciate and do not condone allowing their death in the process.  I am with Bruce in his dismay – but while Bruce is shocked and saddened, I am just downright appalled and angry.

The City of Fargo now knows about this situation and should be doing something about it forthwith.  And if they don’t – well, the employment with the City of Fargo by those involved (be they elected, appointed or hired) should suffer the same fate as the creatures they are causing to die a horrible death without regard – they should be thrown out without regard.

What I expect to hear from you Denny is either – it ain’t so, or in the alternative, the City of Fargo remedied this today (and this type of situation will not happen again).  You are the top city official for the City of Fargo – and the buck and the dead birds – stop here with you.

Day one thousand and seventy-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara

    This situation is just pitiful! There has to be a remedy for it–and probably a relatively easy one. (And this comes from a person who has been “splash targetted” by a seagull!)

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