Is Your Underwear Lucky?

In the June issue of Prevention magazine a brief summary on luck research was provided (page 26).  Apparently those who believe that lucky charms can improve their performance or luck actually do perform better.  According to cognitive psychologist Dr. Sally Linkenauger, “Lucky charms provide confidence which relieves some of the pressure we might feel otherwise.”

Okay, that makes sense.  Thanks for that tidbit Prevention magazine. What didn’t make sense to me was what the Prevention writer wrote after the summary of the research.

“So go ahead and put on your lucky underwear – if you believe it will help, it just might give you the edge you need.”

What?  “Lucky underwear”?  Who has “lucky underwear”?

I think the writer must have been confused.  Perhaps he or she was thinking about the underwear one wears when they think they are going to “get lucky”?  But those wouldn’t be your “lucky underwear”, they would be your “hoping to get lucky underwear” – and those two aren’t quite the same.  Unless of course, you believed that by wearing your “hoping to get lucky underwear” you would “get lucky” – then, they could be correctly labeled your “get lucky” good luck charm and thus be your “lucky underwear”.

However, let me say this, under no interpretation should you be resting your fate on the “luck” of your underwear.  I am not entirely sure what exactly is wrong with “lucky underwear”, but I know there is something wrong there.  Some things just don’t belong together.

Get yourself a four leaf clover, shiny penny, or horseshoe and let your underwear just function as underwear – for better or worse.  If you get lucky in that underwear just assume it was because you gave it your best shot – that is where real success comes from after all. 😉

Day one thousand and seventy-nine of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. JP

    Why do we knock on wood? Avoid the cracks in the sidewalk? Walk around the ladders? How come when I wear my Hanes Blue BoxerBriefs to Vegas I hit ’21’ and always roll ‘7’ on the Coming Out throw at Craps? I’ll tell you why—-there is Mojo in my underwear (This does not refer to that unfortunate battle with a bad plate of Creole Jumbalya either) Wearing a talisman or procuring a genetic mutation of a clover should not be our only lucky charm. No! I say that selecting that particular piece of undergarment that shrouded my manhood when I hit that hotstreak at the gaming tables is not only prudent, but mandatory. Ladies, if you have a particular set of lace that you wore when you found the last pair of sale shoes in your size, well I say bust them out again when its time to hit the casino. Guys, if you have a pair of tighty whities that you wore the last time you met a girl who believed you were an astronaut on the last Space Shuttle flight, well strap them on and play the Lotto!! (Please, wash them first.)

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