Do What I Do???

I have long realized that children may not do what you say, but they are always watching what you do and tend to follow suit.  I know…gratifying, but a bit scary.  It is all about the role modeling.

As a perfectly imperfect person the notion that the way I live my life likely creates an imprint for my children’s lives is a bit scary.  Thankfully, I have come to understand that even in my perfect imperfection the things I have most consistently role-modeled for my children are things such as the importance of living with integrity, advocating for others, sticking together, laughing through the challenges, and embracing the fact that no one is perfect.   Of course there are other things they have picked up along the way as well (for better or worse).

Cheyenne has picked up my love of learning, being happy in being unique, and expressing herself through writing.  Oh yeah, and she started her own blog.  She doesn’t blog every day like me, but she is quite conversational in her blog and she does sign each blog in her own signature way.

Cheyenne’s blog is a fascinating development in my mind.  This is the same child who has in the past expressed disdain at the fact that I feel a need to blog about all the silly things I do.  This is the child who has rolled her eyes, taken painful sighs, and shaken her head in exasperation when other people talk about my blog.  This is my 13 year old, who these days almost always acts like I am the oddest parent in the universe (and no, planet wasn’t a large enough geographic area to encompass the abnormality of my oddity).

But it is that role modeling thing…the kids, they do follow suit.   The proof is in the pudding – Cheyenne has a blog.  As much as I would like to share the world according to Cheyenne with you, I am not going to link her blog here.  She writes it for herself and her friends…and maybe for me too (just a little bit).

However, I will share today with you her entry for Mother’s Day.  It is dedicated to me.  I find that oddly poetic. 😉

Hey Guys,

So its Mother’s Day today and I wanted to dedicate this blog to my mom.

Mom. What defines a mom? A person who gives birth to a child? I think that being defined as a mom means you are a lot more than just a woman who has given birth. To be a mom you have to be strong, sweet, and smart. Strong so you can stand tall even when times are tough, sweet so you will always be known as the awesome parent, and smart so you can give good advice and keep them safe. You have to be able to listen, laugh, and love. You have to listen when they need you, laugh with them, and love them all the time. Being a mom is a lot more than just having a child, it is a lifelong commitment, and you have to earn the title mom.

So here’s to all the women in the world who have earned the title mom. Thank you for everything. Thank you for all the advice and all of the laughs. Thank you for all the gifts and love. Thank you for every little thing you have ever done for me. I may not show it some days, but I really appreciate it.

To my mother Carol. I love you mom!

Oh yes, I am definitely keeping this kid. 😉

Day one thousand and eighty-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara

    What a perfectly perfect tribute! She is way beyond thirteen in the expression of her thoughts. (Wonder where she gets that.) 🙂

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