Too Soon Hobby Lobby – TOO SOON.

When I was at Big Lots over the weekend I noted to the employee I was talking to that I was surprised to see the back-to-school items already being put out.  His comment was, “I know – it does seem early.”  But when I thought about it, the new school year is less than two months away and retailers tend to like an awful lot of lead time.  I surmise back-to-school is just around the corner from retailers’ perspective.

Today I went to Hobby Lobby and was taken aback to see Christmas items starting to be displayed throughout the store.  Christmas – December 25th – a full six months away.  I could hardly believe it.  It is one thing to get a jump on the holidays, but this isn’t a jump it is a catapult!

The last thing I want to be thinking about as I am easing into summer is Christmas.  Thinking of Christmas in June is a downer…a BIG downer.  When I think of Christmas, I think of holiday cards, decorating, trying to find exactly the right gifts for the folks on my list, making family plans for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, cooking, parties, and doing all these activities in winter weather.  Hello!  This is my chillaxin’ time Hobby Lobby – the time of year when I don’t have to actively worry about things that are six months away. How dare you drag out the Christmas extravaganza now and ruin my summer zen!!

Uggh…why must it be like this?  Every year the holiday roll-out gets earlier and earlier.  First it overtook Thanksgiving, then Halloween, and now it’s working its way toward Independence Day – where will it stop?  What’s next…a hostile takeover of Easter?

I hate to sound like a Scrooge, but it is too soon Hobby Lobby – TOO SOON.  I hope  consumers across America will let Hobby Lobby know that they object to the Christmas fast-track and refuse to participate in the lunacy of Christmas in June.  It is time for us to take back our holidays and show retailers that we are not just mindless consumers they can endlessly manipulate.

Day one thousand and eighty-five of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. I spent a significant part of my professional life in retailing. Every single year, we set up the Christmas shop the weekend after Labor Day.
    And every single year, customers said “It gets earlier every year!”
    This week I was at Hobby Lobby and was SHOCKED to see their Christmas shop taking shape. I agree, June is just a little tooooooo early.

  2. Dwayne

    Being in the retail craft industry for over 20yrs, I can tell you that many of the crafters that make a living by building the Christmas Decor items that most of us buy, they need to start buying the goods now. The saying “Christmas in July” is a term crafters have used for years. It only seems early for those not in the craft industry. It rolls out every year in late June and July…

  3. Pat

    What you don’t realize is that Hobby Lobby is also a crafts store and crafters need all the fall and Christmas supplies early. They make items to sell before Christmas at craft fairs. If you look closely they are putting out pics and ribbon and all the items used by crafters. Also smart shoppers get a head star on some items that are hard to find during the season.

  4. Michael

    I used to work in the Seasonal department at Hobby Lobby for several years, and as the employee who stocked the Christmas items, I can agree they do start early, but for good reason.  Hobby Lobby is one of the few retailers that has continued to succeed and make profit during the tough economic times, and they didn’t get that way by making bad business decisions.  For every one person who came in and moaned about our early Christmas items, there were 10 customers who made a Christmas purchase.  Ironically, sometimes it was the very same person who was moaning about it! 
    As other people have commented, crafters are the core customer of that store, and they start SUPER-early.  By the time the rest of us want to start thinking about the holiday season, crafters have already spent months making things and selling them at craft shows.   

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  6. Crafter

    For those who make their income at the craft shows we need to get our raw material supplies early to make items for the shows – and Hobby Lobby is one of our favorite suppliers. We can’t wait until people are ready to purchase to start making our items.

  7. Nicole

    They are a craft store. People that actually MAKE things need time to put it all together. They start early for a reason.

  8. Jenny

    I’m hosting our family Christmas party this year and have started to plan it in May because I don’t do ‘last minute’ anything. I can’t wait until Hobby lobby puts out its Christmas ornaments/decor because I am designing my table centerpieces. I’m glad they start selling Christmas items early. This, combined with their great sales and coupons, makes it the idea shopping experience for me!

  9. Eric

    Hi, I worked at Hobby Lobby for 3 years and I loved June and July cause I hand make Decorations. I absolutly love seeing Christmas things. If you dont like it…Dont shop there. There are many of us that do.

  10. nancy

    I am so happy you have your christmas craft items out now. I started buying them from you on June 26, 2013 this year. I sell my christmas designs, but many times you are the only place I can get the Items I need. Thank you Hobby Lobby

  11. Sari

    I walked into Hobby Lobby in the middle part if June, and to my dismay, I found that the Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations were already up and I saw that they were starting to put out the Christmas stuff. I understand that crafters need a head start on the season, and I can appreciate their excitement about the Christmas stuff being out so early, but even though I understand it, I don’t like seeing it so soon. It is almost like it dulls the excitement of waiting for Christmas to get here. I like to be excited about each holiday one at a time, starting with Halloween. I like to enjoy the charm and bask in the glow of each one individually, so when I am smacked in the face by all three at once, I get a bit bummed. That being said, since I do know that Hobby Lobby does put out their Holiday items so soon, I try to avoid going to their store during the summer months if I can, and if I just have to go, I try to avoid looking in the direction of the holiday items. I can see everyone’s view on it, and just wanted to share my two cents, since I figure the author of this article probably feels similarly. Ciao!

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