Additional Commentary…

Today seems like a good day to do some catching up on a few of my blogs over the past couple of weeks that seem to beg for additional commentary.

In regard to my blog yesterday – Thank you City of Fargo! – Guy says, “Would you please explain why a similar article written by a man about a pretty girl would quickly have been condemned as sexist, objectifying women,  and therefore be seen as totally inappropriate, but that’s it’s perceived as OK, and amusing, when written by a woman?

Thank you for the request for an explanation Guy – your point is well-taken.  Here is what I think on this front, in the face of inequality and oppression when freedom does occur the pendulum swings far in the other direction before it comes back to the center.  As such, the ability to speak freely about men in a way that women have long been spoken about (and indeed continue to be spoken about) – feels very twenty-first century and liberating.  I fully admit that I am 100% guilty of this and that I do it without apology; however, I note you are correct Guy –  it is inherently hypocritical to objectify men and complain when the same is done to women.

But Guy, I have to say – damn, that man was fine!  And I can’t help but believe that he is quite aware of the fact that he is fine and enjoyed the opportunity to create excessive salivation on 5th Street.  I know – wrong, wrong, wrong; but, I had to go there Guy.  I promise I will say 10 Hail Mary’s and try and be a better citizen today.  Alas, the summer is long and I am such a fan of strapping, physically fit men with their shirts off, so I cannot promise you that I will not objectify again.  All I can offer you is that I will remember your comment when I do and recognize that you do have a point.

On the note of having a point, I have to touch back on my blog entry that addressed Hobby Lobby’s stocking of Christmas supplies in June (Too soon Hobby Lobby – TOO SOON).  What I heard from some members of the crafting community was that Hobby Lobby – a store for crafters – put out holiday crafting supplies early so crafters could get the supplies they need to make holiday items for sale or gifts.  That makes sense, and I hear what you are saying craft people of the world (I am not one of you having not a single crafty bone in my body); however, the other part of Hobby Lobby’s consumer base – casual decorators and post-creation buyers – are still taken aback seeing the infiltration of Christmas in June.  In fact, I was again at Hobby Lobby the very next day after that blog was written in the aisle where they are clearancing out all the bright, cheery spring items and a woman said to me, “I can’t believe they are already putting Christmas stuff out!”  I had to giggle a bit at that and I responded, “I know – it is ruining my summer zen.”

I did also go to Michaels a couple of times over the past week.  I would guess that they are  Hobby Lobby’s number one retail competitor in this area.  I looked around to see where they were at with Christmas item displays and I didn’t see any.  Now, I didn’t scour every aisle looking for the tell-tale red and green items, so there may be a few things there that I missed.  The point is, you cannot miss Christmas at Hobby Lobby – it is being drizzled throughout the store – it is in both the static aisles and in some of the center aisle displays.

Bottom line, I hear you craft people, but as a representative of the other part of Hobby Lobby’s consumer base I stand by my assertion that it is entirely TOO SOON to have all that Christmas stuff out.  I would challenge Hobby Lobby to release the numbers on sales for Christmas items in the months of June, July and August.  If they aren’t moving a significant amount of that merchandise in the summer months, my question would be – why bother?  Don’t shove us toward Christmas before we have even hit prime summer mosquito season in North Dakota…no matter your rationale, it still seems wrong to me.

Finally, I want to applaud Bruce Brovold for his letter to The Forum that brought attention to the animal cruelty issue occuring at the North Tenth Street underpass  (Say it ain’t so Denny!).  Thanks to Bruce’s letter the City of Fargo addressed this issue.  Now if they had sent the shirtless guy I saw yesterday to take care of it we could have come full circle here – but how many Hail Marys can one girl say in a day? 😉

Day one thousand and eighty-nine of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C