Capturing The Moment…

In photographs we seek to capture a moment in time.  This is particularly true with babies and children…the time flies and they grow up quickly, so we want to capture those life stages.

This is of particular focus for my family presently as even at only two weeks old we can see Lennon changing already.  My daughter Sarah (Lennon’s mom) decided that Lennon’s first photo experience would be yesterday.   Lennon had his own little photo shoot that lasted about two hours – seriously, two hours.  How many of you can say you have had a two hour photo shoot?  Not me.

Lennon was in the capable hands of a photographer named Emilie at Expressions in Fargo.  I swear that woman is the baby whisperer.  I was quite the skeptic at the outset as to what she was going to get out of Lennon at two weeks of age.  His life mission at this juncture in time is eating, sleeping, and creating dirty diapers.  But the baby whisperer has a gift and in two hours she was able to capture well over a hundred great photos of Lennon.

I share some of them with you today, both as a nod to Emilie’s talent and as a proud glamma.  Here is this moment in time that Emilie captured – two weeks old and barely pushing seven pounds.

Day one thousand and ninety of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C


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