I’m Melting…

In heat like this with high humidity, I feel a bit like the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz.  The iconic screech – “I’m melting…I’m melting!” – plays over and over in my head and I literally feel like I am melting.  Of course, I am not literally melting – but with my body temperature increasing and the amount of sweat I produce – I do appear to be headed toward becoming a mushy glob of something while outside in such heat.

I recognized long ago that I am not made for high heat coupled with high humidity…let’s face it, no one is.  These are not ideal conditions for most creatures.  I wilt noticeably in unabated heat as does my congeniality.

Thank goodness for my sensibilities – I know my limits and know better than to do my outdoor activities (such as gardening) in the heat of the day.  I do those things either in the morning or evening when the temperature has gone down to a mere 80-something.  Even under those constraints the heat takes its toll on me – it sucks the energy out of me like a Hoover WindTunnel vacuum sucks up dirt – with no mercy and no apology.

Not that I am complaining.  I remember the summer before last (the summer that never was) where it seemed to never quite become summer.  I know that lots of folks are gratified to have the heat – maybe not quite as hot or with all the humidity, but gratified that the sun has come out to play.

The folks I feel for though while I sit inside with the temperature in the 70s, are those who are living without power on the East Coast.  At least we can escape the heat inside air-conditioned homes and businesses.  This is quickly approaching a life or death situation for some folks without power for days and there is no end in sight at this point.

Heat waves kill.  Indeed, they are one of the most deadly weather phenomenons humans face.  I believe part and parcel of humans’ vulnerability is their lack of understanding of how profound a toll the heat can have on the body in a short period of time.  Take a few minutes today before you go out and review FEMA’s tips on how to deal with extreme heat.

It’s hot and humid outside folks and it doesn’t look like we will see any relief in the next couple of weeks.  Be smart and be careful in the heat – don’t let the sun and a lack of understanding about your body’s limits be the death of you.  Be smart and enjoy the summer – but live to see the fall.

Day one thousand and ninety-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C