Mayberry Just Won’t Be The Same…

I recognized something today – my collection of Facebook friends expressed greater sadness at Andy Griffith’s passing than Whitney Houston’s passing.  I find that oddly comforting.  Not that I am diminishing the passing of Whitney – I am not; rather, I am acknowledging the valuation difference the folks I know have placed on these two losses.

Of course both of these losses are different.  Whitney died seemingly before her time and after a life that was plagued with struggles.  Andy died at 86 after a long life filled with many successes. Her death was a shock; his was probably somewhat expected.

It often seems like our society is drawn to the lives that are filled with trouble and drama.  We don’t seem to be able to get enough of others’ excessive, broken, or out-of-control lives.  The stories of these lives sell magazines, super-charge television ratings, and become fodder for major motion picture endeavors.  I am not sure why this is.  I wonder if it is similar to slowing down to look at a car accident – some kind of dark curiosity.

But today, I was reminded of a truism that I have always known but have sometimes lost sight of in the day-to-day news – deep down folks still like good news success stories best.  Hence the feeling of loss today with Andy Griffith’s loss.  He was a good guy who did good work that entertained folks for decades.  He will be missed and the fact that so many folks have noted that, well that just makes me pleased as punch.

Rest in peace Andy Griffith – Mayberry just won’t be the same without you.

Day one thousand and ninety-three of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C