I like coming upon humor in unexpected places.  Something about not expecting to see or hear something funny and then reacting spontaneously to it seems to me to be a little gift from the universe. Of course I see humor in a lot of things that others may not.  That would explain why when you see me out and about I seem to be smiling or giggling at nothing (and I bet you thought I was just a nut job). 😉

Today in the City of Walcott proper, at the main street stop sign I came upon some unexpected humor.  I insisted Cheyenne take a photo of it so I could share it with you here.  Cheyenne did so, but not without a great deal of moaning,  groaning, and gnashing of teeth – heaven forbid any one in Walcott should see us stopped at the sign taking a photo.  I am sure had they known a crowd would have gathered and stared at us with wide eyes saying, “OMG – LOOK AT THOSE FREAKS TAKING A PHOTO OF THE STOP SIGN!!”  Yeah, right.  If that ever did happen I’d then want a photo of that too.

Luckily we were in and out of there (after a full stop and a photo) and escaped without apparent notice.  Alas, now the cat is out of the bag as I am writing about the whole sordid stop sign photo-taking escapade. Yet another incident for my teenager to point to as evidence of the fact that I am the weirdest and most embarrassing mother EVER.

Is that great or what?  Now, I realize there is an age factor here.  If you are questioning aloud – “What is Hammer Time?” – step in my time travel machine and check out this video.  MC Hammer was the LMFAO of the early 90s…his U Can’t Touch This was epic. That is where the phrase – Stop. Hammer Time. – came from.

I laughed when I saw the sign – I have to give props where they are due.  Cheyenne didn’t find it quite as funny – she thought it was “lame” (shocking, I know).

Seeing the sign caused me to not only repeat the phrase, but to do my little Hammer Time move.  Somehow I don’t think I am the only one who has arrived at that stop sign and reacted like that.  That too makes me laugh.  Bravo to the stop sign graffiti artist that made the Walcott stop sign the most interesting stop sign in the area – as  MC Hammer would say – Can’t Touch This! 😉

Day one thousand one hundred and nine of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara

    Well THIS made my day! I had forgotten all about MC Hammer. My youngest son used to make me watch those VCR tapes with him years ago–and the darn things grew on me. I’d put them on when he was at school and the beat made my work so zippy and fun. (I never was tempted to put on a pair of zoobas though.)

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