Nappy Feet Foundation

Every single time I hear something about the Dizzy Feet Foundation (a foundation that promotes dance education in low-income areas) on So You Think You Can Dance – I think what the world really needs is a Nappy Feet Foundation.  Seriously people  – that is the kind of foundation we can all get behind.  Who likes nappy feet?  No one – that’s who.

You know the feet I am talking about – calloused, rough, icky toenails – generally unkempt feet that are no fun to look at or have in your vicinity.  Feet that make you wince when you see them or when they touch you (heaven forbid). Feet that make you go – “EWWWWWW!”

We all are vulnerable to nappy feet – I know, I get them myself sometimes.  My nappiest of feet tend to appear during the winter when the beauty of my feet falls down a few notches on my “to-do” list.  They get drier and I paint my nails less often – they fall into a state of decline.  When summer rolls around they go right back up to the top of the list, pedicures are back in the beauty rotation, and a lot more attention goes into what my feet look and feel like.

Albeit, I must confess that all my time in the garden in flip flops this summer has not been kind to my feet.  They were starting to look and feel like my winter feet – it was getting ugly my friends.  I had to implement a new process into the daily ritual so that I could ensure that my feet didn’t cause others to pull-back in horror at the sight of them.

Here is my day-to-day plan to curb my nappy feet issues:

1) Plug the bathtub when I shower.

There is nothing like having your tootsies soaking in warm soapy water for ten minutes to help soften your skin.

2) Use the pumice stone with the zeal a prison inmate would use a chisel.

An invigorating scrub after a ten minute soak allows for all the wear and tear of life to get scrubbed right off.  There really is nothing better than a brand new layer of skin to work with.

3. Pat dry and then moisturize.

Seal the deal with some basic moisturizer on your feet.  If you really want some additional bang for your buck, but on a more heavy duty moisturizer followed by cotton socks (this is great for bedtime on the nights when you are not trying to create a romantic mood). 

I can do all of these things with very little additional effort and it helps me avoid nappy feet.  That is important to me, because of all the things I might want to be the poster child for – the Nappy Feet Foundation isn’t one of them. 😉

Day one thousand one hundred and twelve of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C